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Solís to face demonstrations by striking teachers at Casa Presidencial on first day

(ICR archive)

(ICR archive)

May 9th, 2014 ( Costa Rica’s teachers, who have been on a nationwide strike since Monday, will march to Casa Presidencial today.


Educators took a pause from demonstrations yesterday in respect of the inauguration of Luis Guillermo Solís as Costa Rica’s 47th president.


The teachers unions, who say they are on an “indefinite” strike until all of the country’s public school teachers and employees are paid back-due wages, will march today from the Fuente de la Hispanidad in San Pedro to Casa Presidencial in Zapote where they plan to greet President Solís with demonstrations on his first day in office.


The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) has blamed the issue on a faulty payroll system.


Solís said this week that he supports the striking teachers.  “As an educator and a citizen, I join in solidarity with the striking teachers of Costa Rica.  What happened to the teachers of this country, due to the faulty application of the Integra-Dos payroll system, is not acceptable,” Solís said.


Unions claim that some 7,000 teachers and other school staff have been owed unpaid wages since as early as January.


Union leaders have said their strike would last indefinitely until all past-due wages are paid.   According to union leaders, teachers and other school employees have faced foreclosures on their homes, while others have been jailed for being unable to make child support payments – some even arrested in their classrooms, union leaders claim.


The march is expected to begin at 10 a.m.

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  • disgusted

    I thought as reported by la Nacion the teachers and those who work in the school system are going to be paid May 14th, That a total sum of 3 trillion colons in back and current pay. I was thinking that seemed a lot of money, maybe I misread the article as to the amount. Can you imagine where are they getting that kind of money if the treasury broke?? So what no school next Monday or Tuesday as well??

    Seems interesting that the Diputados, President, Vice Presidents still got their pay.

    • roberto

      The teachers on strike are still getting their pay while not working!!!! I just returned from my son’s HS, his Spanish teacher is working…the only one. Classes will probably be canceled all next week. As a 10th grader, he is required to participate in a community project…I think that not having classes for 2 weeks is a BIG civic lesson for him. I asked if the teachers were going to make up for the canceled classes. The admin. office didn’t know.

      • gc

        why do you public employees are paid relatively well? they are paid to strike, when they negotiate, they negotiate with officials they put in office. never judged by the fact that the kids learn less and less.feel sorry for the kids definitely not the education establishment and their politically unionized teachers that fund most every bad thing in the country. yo, people, the kids are not learning!!

    • turbooperator

      ¢3.000 millones / 6.828 afectados = $ 793.00 owed each on average

      • gc

        waaahhhhh. what are the kids owed? screw the teachers.

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