Live Coverage: Inauguration of Luis Guillermo Solís, President of Costa Rica

Live video coverage of the inauguration of Luis Guillermo Solís, President of the Republic of Costa Rica. Video coverage provided by TeleTica-7.  (Editor’s note: the below feed, originally live, is now in loop.)


Follow all of our live updates from the inauguration in real time below!  Just stay on this page and you will hear a “ding” when we post a new update.

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    • disgusted

      I am picturing Lady Laura Chinchilla chopping at the bit to hand over the sash and get the heck out of here. Along with her huge pension and benefits. I heard from several she is heading to Montreal ,Canada.

      It will not be long before we hear how bad she mismanaged the treasury. I also read where the school teachers are getting their pay on the 14th of May some back pay of 3 trillion colonies. Geez! is there really that much money left in the treasury to pay them?? Or is the printer working overtime??

      • gc

        they don’t deserve a Penney. time to start paying teachers by commission. test for reading writing, english and math accomplishments and pay accordingly.

        • SDPUS

          GC, your writing skills indicate you could use some more schooling. I assume you came to Costa Rica because Obama was re-elected. I suggest you find another country to spread your stupidity. Electing an educator in Costa Rica is the best move that I have seen…well, since the USA did it twice in the last 8 years. Educators care about constituents, business people only care about $$$. The PLN was a corrupt puppet of the corporate run GOP. Thank goodness both parties are dead in the water! Now we just need to squelch out the morons like you. Pura vida!

          • gc

            i certainly don’t need educating from someone that thinks as much of themselves as you do

            • El Torito

              It should be “someone WHO thinks as much…” I believe you just proved SDPUS’s point!

            • gc

              pathetic. you and your grammar corrections could not run a hot dog cart, as the USA has learned over the last 6 years

            • El Torito

              Oh, I forgot to mention the “i” that should have been capitalized. Is English not your first language, perhaps?

            • mhogan

              OMG – the lefties truly are taking over, not through their intelligence then their sheer numbers. Left playbook … if you can’t argue the points, divert. If that doesn’t work, ridicule your opponents.

            • Karen Mata

              Hey tonto, c’mon this isn’t a treatise here.
              And with a sentence like, “Is English not your first language, perhaps?” you’d be best served by keeping yfm shut.

            • Ben

              Your right this SDPUS has one big head.

          • mhogan

            Left playbook … if you can’t argue the points, divert. If that doesn’t work, ridicule your opponents

          • Karen Mata

            Dear STD PUS:
            Your words are equally noxious.

        • mhogan

          As Andy Rooney once said “you can’t teach a fencepost nothing” (I know, double negative, my bad–but Spanish is a lot about double negatives anyway) . Without sounding TOO conspiratorial, it is in authoritarian government’s advantage to keep its people dumb so they don’t know enough to question. What’s behind allowing high pesticide use, fluoride in salt, dangerous food additives — which studies have shown to diminish mental capacity of those consuming them? And then, when those who know better try to bring in foodstuffs which are safe to consume, the government tells us “no, you can’t have it — WE get to tell you what you can have and not have because only WE know.

    • gc

      the seas will stop rising, water will become wine, milk will become honey, money will move from the rich to the poor which will work for 6 months after the poor spend the money and the rich earn no more and leave. i get the feeling he used odummy’s speech writers for this load of bull leavings.

    • Moca Joe

      Good coverage. Thankyou !

      • Timothy Williams

        You’re welcome. Thank you for tuning in! Our “live blogging” system appears to still have some bugs, but we’re working on it for the next occasion.

    • TaTaTamiHolloway

      Congratulations to President Luis Guillermo Solís!

    • Karen Mata

      Congratulations to the first openly shacked up President!!
      I’m certain it will be viewed by many as new age integrity. Viva the Age of Aquarius.

      • SDPUS

        Karen is your life really this pathetic? Why must you troll around and offer only malicous comments, when it is clearly a time for many to celebrate? You are sour grapes. Please go stick your head back into the sand. You sound like a spoiled child who did not get her way. When you do pull your oxygen deprived brain out of the sand, then please go and find a crocodile infested estuary to swim in. Learn to respect the electoral process of this vibrant Democracy. The Ticos have clearly spoken, and this is their time to rejoice. If you have nothing nice to say, then please zip it! You obviously have no clue about class and integrity. Remember the golden rule…

        • Karen Mata

          STD PUS,
          You said it.

        • Karen Mata

          STD PUS,
          You forgot to mention that I came to CR (in 1991) because OB was reelected.

          I love it.

        • Karen Mata

          Dear PUS:
          Why the need to celebrate his election?
          Personally, I’m apolitical, but this gentleman’s lack of scruples is alarming.
          We know that while married he was having a relationship with a female student. (I’m quite certain it was just limited to this one, and I’d love to see her grades while she was serving under this professor)

          Upon election one of his first interviews was with Russian news to criticize the US?
          This is after the US has had CR’s back militarily since the 1950s. The country that for starters paid off their bonds in the 80′s when CR was near bankruptcy (their natural state), and the taxpayers of the US subsidized his university education.

          He’s an ingrate and a hypocrite.


    • Nicola Reddwoodd

      Dear Luis Guillermo Solis, Congratulations on winning the election. We support you. Please dissolve the extradition charges against Paul Watson. Thank you, Sincerely, Nicola Grobe and Paul Norup