High expectations as Costa Rica swears in president

Editor’s note: Live video and live blog coverage of the inauguration of Luis Guillermo Solís – click here.

High expectations as Costa Rica swears in president (via AFP)

Costa Rica’s new President Luis Guillermo Solis pledged to run his administration as a “glass house” and tackle corruption “eating away” at the country and economy as he was inaugurated Thursday. The 56-year-old historian took the oath of office at…

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    • toolman78

      Turns out that all government offices are closed today because of his inauguration. Which is fine, whatever. I drove into town to take care of something at the Caja office only to find it closed. Inside Costa Rica, bits of useful info like that a day or 2 ahead of time would be a nice addition to your site.

    • mhogan

      Ah, promises of a politician. How quickly they change once they have a taste of power. Anyone take note of the abundance of “socialist-styled” representatives of other countries attended the inauguration?