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Appliance manufacturer Mabe lays off 350 employees at Heredia plant

May 7th, 2014 ( Mabe, a Mexican-owned company which designs, produces, and distributes appliances to more than 70 countries around the world, announced it would stop producing ranges and ovens at its plant in Heredia, laying off 350 employees in the process.


The company made the announcement yesterday, saying it would continue to manufacturer refrigerators for both the domestic and international market from the Heredia plant.


Domestic demand for the company’s line of ranges and ovens will likely be met by importing the appliances from its other plants in the region.


The company said the decision was the result of restructuring.


The layoffs add to last month’s announcements by Intel and Bank of America in which the companies laid off a combined 3,000 people, as well as CustomerSpeak, which fired 500.

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  • Ben

    Another mass layoff. Who is next?

    • disgusted

      A slow death spiral of lay offs manufacture plants closing. The cascading effect. If the common Costarricense doesn’t insist on changes here it going to get a lot worse. I feel for those who now have no job no prospects ,, bleak!

      • gc

        the guardia market is growing by leaps and bounds..

    • Frank Castle

      Why Ben,

      How come you aren’t ranting and raving about those evil Mexicans like you do to the Americans when their companies leave Costa Rica? I’m surprised at restrained.

      Seriously, I hope things get better soon for Costa Rica. There are a lot of people who are going to be hurting because of this.

      • Ben

        I hope thing get better in Costa Rica

        • gc

          i hope so too. but hope is not a strategy. Costa Rica is a 1st world social democracy which has bestowed benefits to people and called them rights. even with no corruption and political class looting which is happening in every social democracy it still will not pencil. it is really no different than giving too much to your kids. same effect.

    • gc

      everything that can go, will go, ben. labor and capital displacement is not personal ben. no one can say truthfully any longer that it is even about “cheap labor” or such. companies, their money, lock stock and barrel flee when they feel like a target to fix the problems in a country they did not cause. trillions and trillions will never return to a social progressive USA. social progressives just need to admit their model is a fail.

  • Yeims

    Another mass layoff with no real reason cited, which means probably the same reason that Intel and BOA left. My question is, will the CR government spend several million dollars in a “study” to discover why major enterprises are bailing out of the land of bilk and money.

    • disgusted

      CR is big on “”Consultants”". Never ever seems to lead for the benefit of the country other than their own pockets. Shame I would hope PAC and Solis would change that or am I just dreaming, again?

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