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3G data capping should only be temporary solution: SUTEL

May 7th, 2014 ( Telecoms regulator SUTEL is telling the country’s wireless operators – including ICE’s Kolbi – that the recently implemented “data capping” designed to decrease network congestion should only be a temporary solution.


The restriction, which was put in place in the first week of April in the case of ICE, restricts postpaid 3G customers to 5GB of total download per calendar month.  Those who exceed the limit have their bandwidth speed reduced to an almost unusable 128kbps (about 1/10th of 1MB), regardless of their contracted speed.


The restriction has especially affected those who live in remote or rural areas of the country who rely on 3G service as their primary and only Internet connection, due to the lack of cable or DSL availability.  Watching just 6 or 7 feature-length movies on Netflix, for example, could consume a user’s entire limit for a month.


Now, SUTEL is telling operators that the measure should only be used temporarily, and that operators should improve their infrastructure to avoid congestion on their networks.


In addition, SUTEL is recommending that operators move to a pay-for-data model, rather than the current postpaid system in which service is contracted by the speed of the connection.  This is now the case with most of the prepaid service provided in the country.


“It is imperative to note that the operators must consider long-term solutions, such as developing greater capacity of their networks,” SUTEL said.



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  • DaveP

    SUTEL……. Recommending people pay for data rather than rate is sad, it only confuses consumers and results in massive bills.

    • toolman78

      While I wont be a fan of paying by data transfer, it’s far fairer. The people like me who are data hogs are the ones who are congesting the system. We aught to be the ones paying for upgrades. As long as they keep the rates within reason I won’t complain.

  • Jimmy Kirk

    Coincidence or what? This happened just about the same time that the 4G network was opened. Now you can have high speed downloads and use all of your bandwidth in less than a week just from watching videos on Youtube. I was one of those caught by surprise the middle of April, when there was no warning about such a change was taking place and all of a sudden it is next to impossible to connect to most anything because the bandwidth was severely capped by ICE. We went to the ICE office and they didn’t know anything about it either, so it surprised a lot of people. Even the local banks are complaining about the slow internet speeds. So is ICE looking to increase rates again?

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