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Paul McCartney takes the stage at National Stadium tonight; tickets still available

Photo courtesy of Ocesa

Photo courtesy of Ocesa

May 1st, 2014 ( Former Beatle, Paul McCartney brings his “Out There” tour to Costa Rica tonight in a much-anticipated concert at Costa Rica’s National Stadium in La Sabana.


Gates open at 6 p.m., according to promoter Ocesa, and the nearly three-hour show gets started at 7 p.m.


McCartney began his “Out There” tour last year, and audiences have been giving the show rave reviews.


Tonight’s show will mark Sir Paul’s first ever concert in Costa Rica.


Tickets are still available on will prices ranging from ¢33,600 to ¢1,240,000, but you better hurry if you want to see Sir Paul live in concert tonight – promoters said on Tuesday that 70% of tickets had been sold.

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  • Ken Morris

    I doubt you have to hurry, since at those prices there will still be plenty of tickets left. I don’t know exactly why ticket prices are so high either. I read years ago that most of these kinds of tours actually lose money despite outrageous ticket prices–their financial justification comes from their marketing role–but I don’t know about this one (or why tours are so blasted costly).

  • Andrew

    I took my girlfriend. We were able to scalp two tickets out in front of the stadium from a really nice Tico named Felize. I paid C14 million for the pair. It was a good show but I’m not sure it was worth C14 million. I’ll probably try to shop for tickets ahead of time in the future……

  • Sinibaldi

    Stream of

    Beside that flower

    the whisper of

    a delicate ray

    touches the margin

    described by the

    first light: there,

    in the garden,

    near the youth

    of a fine rose.

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