Man found shot dead in trunk of car in La Sabana

April 28th, 2014 ( Authorities found the lifeless body of a man in the trunk of a car in La Sabana on Thursday night.


The deceased, identified by the last names Chavarría Hidalgo, 27, had a history of aggravated robbery and illegal weapons possession, according to OIJ spokesperson Marisel Rodriguez.


The man apparently worked as an informal taxi driver.  His body was found in the trunk of the vehicle he was driving with three gunshot wounds to the chest and two to the face.


The man’s wallet, money, and shoes were missing, leading authorities to suspect he may have been the victim of a robbery.  The vehicle apparently belongs to a third party for whom the man worked as an informal taxi driver.

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    • McDemon

      Ain’t Karma a Bitch!?

    • Andrew

      Guy deserves to die because he drives a “gypsy” cab? Pretty harsh, no? McDemon.

      • El Torito

        I believe McDemon was referring to the second paragraph of this article.