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20 years

Trial of man accused of raping, killing young indigenous girl begins tomorrow

April 21st, 2014 ( The trial of Ismael Bejarano, accused of aggravated murder, kidnapping and rape of a minor less than 12 years of age, will begin tomorrow at 8 a.m. in the criminal courts of Corredores.


Bejarano is accused of stabbing to death an 11-year-old girl after kidnapping and raping her on the Copey Indian Reservation in La Casona de Limoncito, Coto Brus, Puntaranas on July 25th, 2013.


According to residents, the girl’s killer was obsessed with the little girl.


On July 25th, 2013, a concerned citizen called 911 to report that she believed her neighbor, 28-year-old Ismael Bejarano, had kidnapped the girl and was holding her against her will in his home.


Police responded to the call along with the Red Cross, but were slowed by the remoteness of the location, which required access by 4×4 and horseback.


Upon arrival, they found the child with two stab wounds to the chest.  Red Cross workers attempted to rush the girl to the hospital in San Vito, Coto Brus, but difficult travel meant the trip took two hours.


The girl eventually died at 3:45pm, shortly after her arrival at the hospital.


At the time of the girl’s killing, Bejarano had a previously outstanding arrest warrant for raping the same girl.

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  • Joe1047

    It appears this could have easily been avoided had he been arrested for the prior offense. This is very sad!

    • Andrew

      Or just had the “offending organ” cut off after the first time.

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