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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Plan by McDonald’s in Costa Rica, Latin America would give pigs a little room to move

Currently, most mother pigs live nearly their entire lives like this. (Wikimedia Commons)

Currently, most mother pigs live nearly their entire lives like this. (Wikimedia Commons)

April 15th, 2014 ( On Friday, Arcos Dorados – the largest operator of McDonald’s restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean and the franchise holder for Costa Rica, announced its “willingness to improve animal welfare” with a new requirement that its suppliers limit the use of “gestation crates” for sows, according to a statement sent to Inside Costa Rica by Humane Society International (HSI).


“Within the next two years, [the suppliers] must present documented plans to limit gestation crate use and promote group housing for sows,” the statement said.


“Currently, millions of mother pigs in Latin America spend virtually their entire lives confined to crates, unable even to turn around. [Friday’s] announcement comes after more than a year of discussions between Humane Society International and Arcos Dorados, and follows a commitment by McDonald’s to end the use of gestation crates in its U.S. supply chain by 2022.”


The lifelong confinement of sows in gestation crates is on the way out in the United States and has been banned in other places around the globe.


“Arcos Dorados’ decision is a promising step forward in our efforts to end the use of gestation crates in Latin America,” HSI said.


“HSI is working on the ground in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica and many other countries to end the lifelong confinement of breeding sows in gestation crates. We’re asking multinational food retailers who are already phasing out gestation crates in the United States to extend their crate-free policies to Latin America and beyond, and petitioning other food companies, local restaurants, supermarkets and producers to also adopt more humane practices. We hope that more businesses in the region follow the lead of Arcos Dorados and remove gestation crates from their supply chains.”

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  • expatin paradise

    These are abominable living conditions for any animal, much less pigs, which rank among the most intelligent (more intelligent than dogs). This practice should be stopped immediately, not two years from now. People of conscience should boycott the golden arches.

  • Lavender

    “…commitment by McDonald’s to end the use of gestation crates in its U.S. supply chain by 2022.”

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Not even close. There is no excuse for this torture. These corporations need to be boycotted across the board. Animals can’t stand up for themselves – it’s our responsibility. This industrial model of agriculture is sick. We need to change.

  • Ken Morris

    Hold it folks, McDonald’s seems to be stepping up to the plate on this one. Presumably other pork sellers are buying the same pigs, so you wouldn’t boycott McDonald’s for raising the standards for itself and setting a standard for the industry as a whole. McDonald’s might just be the good guy here (although it may be a fairly easy crusade for them since most of their business is in cows and raising the issue of pigs may actually help the hamburger business).

  • Daryl Smitts

    You want to help this cause… Don’t eat animal products. For God’s sakes people there is something known as “evolution.” Forget about the animals for a moment… If you knew what eating all of those animal products was truly doing to your health you wouldn’t go near it. Mother Nature wasn’t planning on us eating this stuff that’s why folks are getting cancer and all kinds of other goodies. I know that many of us are conditioned to think that we can’t live without our dead flesh but those who conditioned you are the ones who are going bring down this whole house of cards.

    • mhogan

      New studies out of Austria show that a vegan diet is not healthy. There are certain nutrients only available through animal products and non-meat eaters have a higher incidence of cancer, are less emotionally stable, are subject to more allergies, on and on. Man actually requires a “balance” of meat and other foods for optimum health. If people get “cancer” from eating animal, I suggest it’s not the meat per se but what the animal is fed or injected with.

  • disqus_r8w0IwvvLw

    22-14 is how many more years?? Stop this insanity yesterday,immediately. How is this legal? Those who eat pork are indirectly responsible for this and it will not REALLY end until YOU stop buying these poor animals dead flesh.

  • John Dungan

    As if McDonald’s in CR sells a lot of fresh pork. I don’t think so.

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