Caldera Highway will be fully reversed on Saturday and Sunday



April 15th, 2014 ( The Caldera Highway (Route 27) will be fully reversed on Saturday, April 19th and Sunday April 20th in order to provide for the smooth return of Easter Week vacationers to the Central Valley from the Pacific beaches.


The reversal will be made on Saturday from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m. and Sunday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.  As motorists will only be able to travel in the Caldera-San José direction during these hours, motorists needing to travel in the opposite direction will have to use an alternative route.


Alternative routes include:


Route 3 (via Atenas – Aguacate – Orotina)

Route 1

Ruta 239 (Ciudad Colón-Puriscal-San Pablo-Turrubares)



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    • Karen Mata

      Never understood the holiest days on the Christian calendar as time for a drunken national celebration.

      • mhogan

        probably because it’s not about Christianity but about having a good time. Bunch of hypocrites — it’s okay to sin today because when I go to church, I’ll be absolved tomorrow. The idea that going into a church makes one a christian is about as ridiculous as going into a garage makes one a car.

        • roberto

          It is a very thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

    • Andrew

      Thanks for the heads up about not driving head on into one-way traffic.
      Makes sense to me.

    • disgusted

      35 years in the making of this AUTOPISTA and it was flawed to begin with a basic two lane hwy that is not capable to handle traffic flow in both direction. What a shame!

      I agree with Karen M. ,, Christians in the name only not in their collective actions. Drink up party. run around the beaches …

      Mostly the teachers, government workers who get this week off. The others are working and just hope to get Friday off.