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Third strong earthquake hits Nicaragua, levels more homes

Archive image for illustration purposes only.

Archive image for illustration purposes only.

April 14th, 2014 ( A third powerful earthquake struck Nicaragua Sunday night, collapsing more homes in the country which has been battered by a string of earthquakes which began late last week.


Nicaraguan officials said Sunday night’s quake, which struck around 11 p.m., measured 5.6 magnitude on the Richter scale.


First Lady and government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said there were initial reports of two houses in Managua collapsing and five others in Ciudad Sandino, just outside Managua, according to a report from Reuters.


The quake struck at a depth of just 14 km, which caused the earthquake to have a stronger impact, Nicaraguan authorities said.


The quake was preceded by a 4.4-magnitude quake at 10:12 p.m. with an epicenter just 6 km deep at the Apoyeque Volcano that leveled 21 homes and knocked down power lines, according to a report by The Nicaragua Dispatch.


The Nicaraguan government is warning that the recent seismic activity may have reawakened the Momotombo Volcano, which has not erupted since 1905.


The government also warned that the activity might have reactivated the old “Estadio Nacional” fault line, which caused the disastrous 1972 earthquake which leveled the capital city of Managua, according to the report.


Nicaragua has been battered by a string of earthquakes since last Thursday, when a 6.2-magnitude quake destroyed 17 homes, damaged at least 1,000 more, and left at least 33 injured.


That quake was followed by an even stronger 6.6-magnitude earthquake on Friday, which struck near Rivas.  The quake was felt in many areas of Costa Rica, and even caused minor damage to Costa Rica’s Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (National Engineering University).

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  • Ken Morris

    I don’t mean to diminish the trajedy and do wish all Nicas the best, but to refer to Rosario Murillo as a “government spokeswoman” is a bit much. She is the First Lady, married to President Daniel Ortega, and has manipulated her way into unelected and unmerited power. Perhaps, especially after Nicaragua’s recent constitutional changes, Murillo holds formal appointed positions, but it’s a sad day when she can pass herself off as a spokeswoman for the government. Unless Michelle Obama could also be called a “government spokeswoman,” I don’t thing Murillo’s brazen power grab merits the title either.

    • Timothy Williams

      Agreed, though she has now officially been described as a government spokesperson by the Nicaraguan government (on press releases), we’ve made an edit to “First Lady and government spokeswoman.”

      • Ken Morris

        Someday when you have time to kill you might want to check this out. Murillo’s main schtick has long been to run the FSLN media operation out of the family’s compound. Thus, if she’s described as a “government spokesperson” on press releases, my bet is that this is because she writes or oversees the writing of the press releases herself and can call herself anything she wants. Of course, by now she may actually have some quasi-official position, since there’s no longer much of a distinction between her whims and the government. Maybe the solution is just to refer to her as the First Bruja. All Nicas at least would know exactly who this is.

  • disgusted

    I have my emergency supplies food, water, candles, matches, refilled my water bottles with fresh water and have some other for whatever.

    Where I live it seems everyday having the water cut off and power outages for a couple hours like last night. nothing to do with the earthquake.

  • El Torito

    The National Engineering University suffered earthquake damage? Seems a bit ironic, doesn’t it? I guess it will give the students something to play with.

  • Shanny

    During an earthquake: If you are outdoors, stay there. You can view earthquakes that have already occurred here:

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