• El Torito

    “The company said together with local government authorities, it has begun development and renovation work on the town’s main boulevard as part of a multiphase project” Really? We were in Golfito just the other day and we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary going on. I’ll believe this one when I see it, along with the International Airport near Palmar Norte…and while we’re at it, has anyone found the key to unlock the gate at the San Vito airport yet? (Apparently when Johnny Araya arrived to campaign here, he had to climb the fence in order to get out.)

  • expatin paradise

    Another strike against the environment in the allegedly greenest country. Golfo dulce is a fragile ecosystem, home to many endangered marine species. Marina construction and increased boat traffic is a step in a very dangerous direction. When Costa Rica looks like coastal south Florida, the “other side” of economic development will be painfully clear.

  • Ben

    Good Project will buy a Boston Whaler soon.

  • NorthendFool

    WEve been hearing this same story for years. I find it interesting that the project is for sale. It wont happen.

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