Circunvalación blocked by protesters, drivers should use alternate route

Residents have been blocking the Circunvalación highway at Hatillo 6 since 7:30 a.m.  (Image taken from Twitter, @Hernan1594)

Residents have been blocking the Circunvalación highway at Hatillo 6 since 7:30 a.m. (Image taken from Twitter, @Hernan1594)

April 10th, 2014 ( A group of about 100 residents had formed by 7:30am this morning, blocking the Circunvalación highway at Hatillo 6.


The residents are protesting constant shortages of drinking water in their communities of Hatillo and Barrio Cuba.


Germán Marín, director of the Traffic Police, said the route is completely blocked.  ”We are making diversions around Hatillo 6 to decongest the route.  We are also coordinating with police forces to take appropriate action,” Marín.


The residents say they have been dealing with constant water shortages for months.


According to the National Union of Caja Workers, health clinics, schools, and businesses are also suffering from severe and “indiscriminate” water rationing, in additional to private households, adding that the problem has been going on for months.


“We believe that of all of San José, we are the most discriminated against – we are subjected to severe rationing while other privileged areas do not lack water,” a Hatillo resident said.  “…It is inhumane.”


Hatillo residents have also complained in recent weeks that their tap water is brown and has a foul odor.


Those involved said that despite constant questioning, authorities refuse to give them any explanation.


The residents announced the protest yesterday.

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  • Ben

    Good job on the protest. Keep it up. Water is right for all Costa Rican.

    • mhogan

      Yeah! You got it. A right for all Costa Ricans. Expats can go screw themselves. A prevalent attitude.