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Hatillos, Barrio Cuba residents to protest lack of water tomorrow

April 9th, 2014 ( Residents in the San José neighborhoods of Hatillos and Barrio Cuba plan protests against constant shortages of drinking water Thursday morning.


According to the National Union of Caja Workers, health clinics, schools, and businesses are also suffering from severe and “indiscriminate” water rationing, in additional to private households, adding that the problem has been going on for months.


“We believe that of all of San José, we are the most discriminated against – we are subjected to severe rationing while other privileged areas do not lack water,” a Hatillo resident said.  “…It is inhumane.”


Hatillo residents have also complained in recent weeks that their tap water is brown and has a foul odor.


Those involved said that despite constant questioning, authorities refuse to give them any explanation.


In response, residents plan a Thursday protest demanding that the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) and the Ministry of Health provide answers.


The protest will begin at 5:30am where the Circunvalación passes Hatillo 6.  Commuters might consider an alternative route.

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  • disgusted

    Is it just here in La Uruca or just my house ! I have noticed this past week the water looks dirty and notice the toilet bowl in the morning with dirt at the bottom . Also we had water shut off at night then in early morning back on and That is when we notice the darker colored water. AyA said not to worry …. Oh really!

    • Timothy Williams

      We just received a report from a reader in San Luis de Heredia that residents there have not received a drop of water from their faucets in more than 7 days.

      • edwardw69

        It’s everywhere. I live about a kilometer below some AyA tanks. We get about an hour. Tank trucks are distributing water in the area.
        The problem is virtually everywhere: last year was very dry, and as much as I like to complain about the water company (pumping air through the empty pipe to jack up the bills) it is not their fault.

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