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Businessman accused of defamation by President Chinchilla will head to trial in July

laura chinchilla

President Laura Chinchilla (archive photo)

March 4th, 2014 ( The defamation trial of businessman Alberto Rodriguez Baldi, brought as the result of a complaint filed against him by President Laura Chinchilla over statements he made on Facebook, will be heard between July 14th and 16th, according to Chinchilla’s lawyer, Alexander Rodriguez.


President Laura Chinchilla filed a defamation lawsuit against lawyer and hotelier Alberto Rodriguez Baldi in June of last year.


The lawsuit was filed just ten days after Rodriguez published a post on Facebook that stated that Chinchilla purchased land worth millions of dollars in Nicoya, Guanacaste.


Rodriguez, who is in the hotel business in La Fortuna de San Carlos, also stated that Chinchilla has business interests in wind energy.


On Facebook, Rodriguez responded at the time by saying that “Doña Laura is free to sue whoever she wishes,” and that the case “seems a golden opportunity to question the President.”


Communications Minister Carlos Roverssi said at the time that Chinchilla filed the lawsuit as a private citizen and would cover her own legal expenses.  Roverssi said that Chinchilla “wants to make it very clear that the only compensation [Chinchilla and her husband] receives is her salary and her husband’s pension.”



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  • Joe1047

    If it were true it would perhaps explain all of the road work being done between Nicoya and the friendship bridge over the last year???

    • mhogan

      Most people, including the defendant, are thinking what they know about defamation laws in North America — where if the facts are true, there is no basis for judgement; and in the case of a public figure, well, that’s fair game. In Costa Rica, it occurs that some are allowed to be so thin-skinned that it matters not if the facts prevail, it only matters if “their feelings were hurt” or their “honor” somehow undermined causing them to feel embarrassed (real or imagined). This will probably not end well for Rodriguez. And if he loses, Chinchilla could request monetary compensation and Rodriguez would have a criminal charge against him.

  • disgusted

    Lady Laura at the helm or was it Oscar of the PLN party has lost a lot of confidence with the Costarricenses. So much money on the border road lost and face off with Nicaragua taking a piece of land at the mouth of San Juan. Lady laura’s endless trips and twice to see the Pope. all for what? and a waste.

    A few hours ago Johnny has stepped down and Solis will be the President. New polls came out showing Johnny would most likely loose.

    • mhogan

      Guess it was a “save face” gesture. With Solis at the helm, god help us all expats.

      • expatin paradise

        Johnny had to stop campaigning so as not to bankrupt the party – last I heard, they were talking about mortgaging their headquarters. Johnny hasn’t dropped out of the race or conceded, which would save the expense of the run-off if there is a way to do so under CR’s system of laws. Johnny would have been bad for CR – he embodies everything bad about the PLN. I can’t imagine Solis being worse, but suspect that he will be too much like the PLN’s leadership – pro-business, pro-ruling class, inefficient, and corrupt.

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