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Driver caught with more than half a million dollars in his vehicle



February 26th, 2014 ( Police officers arrested yesterday a man who was traveling with more than $500,000 USD under the front passenger seat of his vehicle.


The incident occurred at a checkpoint near the Rio Frio on the way from San José to Limon.


When police officers made a routine stop of the vehicle at the checkpoint, they observed that the driver, identified by the last names Viquez Ramirez, behaved nervously, insisting he was in a hurry.


Based on their suspicions, officers at the checkpoint contacted the Drug Control Police (PCD) to conduct a search of the vehicle.


After a thorough search, officers found $552,400 in cash under the front passenger seat.


After the discovery, the suspect attempted to bribe the officers, who refused.  The subject was arrested at the scene.

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  • Chris Thomas

    And now the government will steal it nice, it shows you do not have to be smart to have cash stupid people can have money too

  • Ward Thomas

    Is it against the law to carry large sums of money in CR? I know in the US you can carry all you want. You just can’t take it in our out of the country without declaring it.

    • CRChris

      You are viewed as a criminal when you have a “large sum” of cash. Of course a large sum is relative to who is making the determination. When you a draw out your own money from the bank they want to know the reason. If you draw out in excess of $10,000 you must complete a form explaining where the money came from, even though the bank has enjoyed holding it for you, and why you need the cash.

      Your right…having cash is not a crime but in Costa Rica you are arrested and your cash seized until you can prove otherwise. Good lick getting it back!

  • disgusted

    Seems like how was he caught with this. Something stinks here did someone squeal??? I never had my vehicle searched.. Checked for lights, horn seat belts Humm. Nice haul for the government huh!

  • Luis Diego Campos

    Seriously how you are gonna prove a judge that you found half a mill in a taxi cab? Hacienda boyzz are really happy with people like this. And here is a clear proof that not every cop in CR is corrupt…

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