Rumor of US forces in Costa Rica resurfaces as country appears on US Army web site


February 19th, 2014 ( Once again, Costa Rica is being forced to counter rumors of U.S. military presence in the country after the country appeared on a list of US Army bases on the Spanish-language version of the US Army’s official recruitment web site,


Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry told local media yesterday that Costa Rica’s presence on the list was a technical error.


Foreign Minister, Enrique Castillo said the situation has been brought to the attention of US authorities, and the US Embassy in San José has sent a statement to the army to correct the situation.


Earlier this month, Costa Rica presented a formal protest to the Venezuela-based international television network, TeleSUR, after the television network claimed there were United States military forces and a naval base in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province.


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    • Guest

      You’d think that IF

    • LivingLifeInCostaRicaBlog

      You’d think that IF this was true SOMEONE would have found pictures by
      now & been MORE than happy to expose it – wouldn’t you???

    • Douglas Hotchkiss

      you know how it is, the usa has so many bases all over, we just assumed we had one there.. we can fix that if you like..

    • roberto

      The technical error was in the spelling…C-H-I-N-A

    • Derryl Hermanutz

      This is not the first time we’re hearing reports of soldiers camped out in remote jungle areas like the Talamanca area on the Atlantic side near Panama. There are no roads so access is by walking or helicopter. A special forces camp occupied by a few soldiers may not amount to much of a “military base”, but if there are soldiers there, they’re not “ours” because Costa Rica doesn’t have any soldiers. It’s another question which nation’s soldiers they are. You can’t see anything flying over because of the dense bush. You’d only see them if you happen to stumble upon them while wandering through that exact piece of bush. There are few if any locals in some of CR’s remote regions, so it’s not unreasonable to believe reports of occasional encounters with foreign soldiers in these areas. Why would they be there? Who knows. Maybe the war on drugs. Would CR’s government know about it? Only if they were told, because nobody patrols those areas. The idea of a US naval base in Guanacaste is absurd, because it would be clearly visible. But one or more camps in the jungle is not beyond the realm of credibility.

    • Javier

      How much faith can you put on a publication that list the U.S. Army as having base in Nicaragua? In Costa Rica?? Very unlikely. But in Nicaragua? Need I say more??

    • canadamike

      yeah, I believe everything the US Military says. next to the church, and congress, they’re the most honest group of people I know.

    • Billy Banjo

      let’s see – the cia ops man was caught @ the Panamanian Costa Rica border with the same forged documents that where discovered at one of the mystify helicopter landing site hidden deep in the jungle.

      can anyone say oliver north’s crew is up to the same ole antic that the cia has always been up too!

      the truth will set you free!