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Friday, September 4th, 2015  |  USD: Buy 531.08 / Sell 543.94

Woman killed by falling tree at Jacó hotel

February 18th, 2014 ( A dry rotted tree fell on the roof of a Nissan Xterra driven by 29-year-old Adriana Maria Rodriguez Mendoza inside the Hotel Punta Leona resort in Jaco, killing her instantly, according to reports.


The woman was accompanied by her mother, who was unharmed.


Rodriguez was pronounced dead at the scene by responding rescue personnel.  Her mother was treated for a nervous breakdown.


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  • Derryl Hermanutz

    Am I the only one who gets an annoying tweet box that blocks out articles on this site? Or is this some 9 year old geek’s ide of a new “feature”?

    • Timothy Williams

      Derryl, that should not be case. The social share buttons are supposed to float to the left of the story. Could you possibly send us a screen capture of what you are seeing to We apologize for the inconvenience. If any other readers are experiencing the same problem (or any problem viewing the site) please send an email to

      • Derryl Hermanutz

        Hi Tim,
        Sorry to post a bitchy comment. Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t know how to get a screen shot. For the past couple of days every time I open one of your articles the tweet box takes over a large rectangle on the middle left side of my iPad screen. I can’t find any little “x” in a corner to shut it off. It usually disappears after a few seconds, but this time it lingered. When I wrote that comment, the tweet box was covering half of the comment box so I couldn’t see what I was typing. I’m not hopelessly incompetent, but neither am I a techie, and I have no clue what causes this kind of problem or how to fix it. So many modern electronics have built-in “improvements” that automatically do all the things that I DON’T want them to do, that I’m no longer sure how to tell the difference between a glitch and a “feature”. If the problem persists I’ll email you again, Derryl

        • Timothy Williams

          No problem, Derryl. In fact I wish more people would actually comment or write in if they have any technical issues like that; so many people don’t bother thinking “someone else will report it.” We’ll look into this on an iPad and see what is going. Thanks for letting us know.