San José will start filling potholes soon

February 11th, 2014 ( The municipality of San José is investing ¢800 million  (~$1.6 million USD) to patch and repair San José’s roads soon.


The municipality has already secured its first purchase order for ¢400 million of asphalt, which they will use to begin an intensive campaign of patching San José’s roads starting in 15 days.


Residents are encouraged to report potholes and other road problems in their neighborhoods to the municipality for consideration.


The municipality is expected to use some 17,000 tons of asphalt to patch up San José’s roads.

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    • Kathleen Noah

      Uh huh!

    • LivingLifeInCostaRica

      Who are the residents supposed to report the potholes to? A contact email address would be REALLY helpful!! THANX!!

      Now, let’s all pray that they got some GOOD QUALITY asphalt for a change so it lasts more than a month!!!!!!!!!!

      • Timothy Williams

        Hi there:

        Here are phone numbers, emails and even online chat:

        Best, Tim Williams, editor

        • Chris Thomas

          Yeha right like contacting them is going to help, this is a country of thieves they steal all of the money so there is none left for repairs

    • Yeims

      Costa Rica has had bad roads since the 1800′s, when the roads from the ports were purposely kept in bad shape to discourage pirates from landing and then managing to travel inland. The hope that the roads will somehow be improved doesn’t seem to be on a very firm premise.

    • edwardw69

      My family’s cars cost more than $2000 in Marchamos this year. Our street looks like it has been under sustained mortar attack for months on end. I don’t expect to see any of that asphalt.

    • Chris Thomas

      They have been saying this for 30 years, people stop investing in this sewer of a country and do not live here, this is not going to happen everyother Latin America country has better roads Panama,Nicaragua ect

    • Billy Banjo

      “Hell just Froze Over”