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20 years

Star investigative reporter at La Nacion quits, citing differences


Giannina Segnini

Giannina Segnini

February 6th, 2014 ( La Nacion investigative chief and award-winning reporter, Giannina Segnini announced her resignation on Wednesday, saying her resignation was the result of a declining ability to provide independent journalism at the newspaper.


“The opportunities to conduct independent journalism (…) have been reduced and limited during the last two years, and especially in the last three weeks,” Segnini said as part of a statement.


“A number of editorial decisions by this newspaper, based on reasons unrelated to what I consider journalism, prevent me from continuing to work for this company,” she added without providing details.


The editor of the newspaper, Yanancy Noguera, confirmed the resignation, which she said would be effective from February 12th, saying the resignation was a “personal decision” by Segnini.


Shortly before Costa Rica’s February 2nd general elections, La Nacion suspended the publication of a survey of voter intention, arguing that it did not want to create more “confusion” and affect election results.


That decision prompted a wave of speculation on social media, including rumors that Segnini and other journalists had submitted their resignations.  The newspaper denied the claims at the time.


Segnini, who has worked for La Nacion since 1994, is one of the journalists who in 2004 participated in the investigation of corruption cases involving former presidents Rafael Angel Calderon (1990-1994) and Miguel Angel Rodriguez (1998-2002) that shocked the country.


Segnini has been awarded several national and international journalism awards during her career.


AFP contributed to this report.

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  • Lawrence Horn

    Good luck to her and I suggest she hire a body guard.

    • Anthony

      This isn’t the land of the free, the USA.

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