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Escazu police officer arrested while beating wife – again

February 6th, 2014 ( A municipal police officer in Escazu has been arrested on suspicion of beating his wife in public outside their home on Monday night.


Law enforcement officers arrested Roberto Angulo, 27 in the street outside his home as he was allegedly beating his wife’s head against a wall.  It is believed the suspect may have been under the influence of alcohol.


According to the daily Diario Extra, Angulo has been arrested for domestic assault against his wife as well as other crimes while under the influence of alcohol on multiple occasions in the past.  His wife has now been placed under court-ordered protection.


The suspect has worked for three years as a municipal police officer in Escazu.

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  • disgusted

    “…under the influence of alcohol.” So Roberto Angulo, 27years old. It will, be treated as a disease. He will go to treatment and keep his job. The poor wife and the children will suffer. The public suffers as well having this drunken policeman on the streets and morale of the police department. Welcome to Costa Rica land of pura vida, Right lady Laura??

  • morlaine

    I believe that alcoholism is a terrible disease. There are certain genes that make people more likely to demonstrate addictive behavior. BUT that does not excuse the person from taking responsibility and facing consequences for any acts committed while under the influence of alcohol. It is doubtful that someone held a gun to his head and forced him to take that first drink. So he is ultimately responsible for his behavior since he chose to take that drink. He should not be treated any differently than a sober person who was beating their spouse’s head against a brick wall. In fact, I believe the person who was drunk should not only receive the same legal punishment as a sober person in a similar situation, in addition, they should have to go through rehabilitation for their alcoholism. They would not want me to be a judge in this country. :-)

  • Billy Banjo

    pride integrity guts

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