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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
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Villalta wants public health to cover sex change surgeries; added tax on fatty foods

Presidential candidate, José Maria Villalta. (Archive photo).

Presidential candidate, José Maria Villalta. (Archive photo).

January 29th, 2014 ( Costa Rican presidential hopeful, José María Villalta and his Frente Amplio party believe Costa Rica’s public health system (known locally as CCSS or Caja) should provide sex change operations, but healthcare officials are warning they do not have staff with experience in such operations and have other priorities.


María Eugenia Villalta, medical director at the CCSS, said that sex change surgeries would not be a priority for the institution.


“[Gender-reassignment surgery] is not an issue within the package of services the institution provides today.  Right now there are priority diseases such as cardiovascular problems, cancer, and chronic diseases that need to be met,” she said, adding that CCSS does not have staff with experience in such surgeries.


Chapter 16 of the Government Plan of Frente Amplio states that sex change surgeries must be guaranteed in the national health system.


Meanwhile, Villalta expressed his concern over the strain and cost caused by cardiovascular disease on the public health system during a debate televised on Repretel on Monday.


Villalta spoke of the need to place a tax on fatty foods, “junk foods,” and soft drinks to offset the costs associated with cardiovascular care in the country.


Villalta did not mention how his government would fund the cost of sex change surgeries, should he be elected.

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  • LivingLifeInCostaRica

    I AGREE with his 2 choices!! ESPECIALLY the extra tax on “fatty food” (to me that would be Fast Foods) & while they’re at it – even MORE IMPORTANT – extra taxes on cigarettes & alcohol since those things cost Costa Rica LOTS of $$$ each year to help people effected by them!!!

    • Anthony

      I can understand the extra taxes on cigarettes, I don’t smoke, as for alcohol, mmmmmmmm.

    • Yeims

      You really believe that good health can be legislated?

      • LivingLifeInCostaRica

        Not that good HEALTH can be legislated – but making people PAY for their OWN CHOICES that often create BAD health sometimes – THAT’s what I’m for!! Learning CONSEQUENCES for OUR (ALL of us) actions is something that could be encouraged more here!! (as I sit here eating Cheese Nips for the first time In YEARS [they were on sale - couldn't resist!!])

  • disgusted

    He dropping in the latest polls 23% to 20% this should clinch it and he out of gas!! What a bad mistake saying more taxes and this other issue of gender assignment. The CAJA can hardly get the appointments for specialties wait 8 months. Here’s Johnny!

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