• LivingLifeInCostaRica

    I AGREE with his 2 choices!! ESPECIALLY the extra tax on “fatty food” (to me that would be Fast Foods) & while they’re at it – even MORE IMPORTANT – extra taxes on cigarettes & alcohol since those things cost Costa Rica LOTS of $$$ each year to help people effected by them!!!

    • Anthony

      I can understand the extra taxes on cigarettes, I don’t smoke, as for alcohol, mmmmmmmm.

    • Yeims

      You really believe that good health can be legislated?

      • LivingLifeInCostaRica

        Not that good HEALTH can be legislated – but making people PAY for their OWN CHOICES that often create BAD health sometimes – THAT’s what I’m for!! Learning CONSEQUENCES for OUR (ALL of us) actions is something that could be encouraged more here!! (as I sit here eating Cheese Nips for the first time In YEARS [they were on sale - couldn't resist!!])

  • disgusted

    He dropping in the latest polls 23% to 20% this should clinch it and he out of gas!! What a bad mistake saying more taxes and this other issue of gender assignment. The CAJA can hardly get the appointments for specialties wait 8 months. Here’s Johnny!

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