Some 100 international observers will attend Costa Rica elections


January 28th, 2014 ( Some one hundred international observers from 25 delegations will attend Costa Rica’s general elections on February 2nd, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) said on Saturday.


The TSE said that the observers are from the Americas and Europe, including officials from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Peru, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, the United States, Argentina and Germany.


The observers will witness the electoral process and have access to polling stations, the TSE said.


The observers will be obliged to bring to the attention of the TSE any anomaly in the voting process, the TSE said in a statement.


Nearly 3.1 million Costa Ricans will head to the polls on February 2nd to elect their next president and 57 members of the Legislative Assembly.


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    • dr meno

      WOW , and I bet they all 100 international observers will over look how the USA corrupts and manipulates elections.

    • dr meno

      Watch out Costa Rica, If the USA doesn’t get to continue their puppet influence, there may be a regime change. Ticos Get Your Machetes Sharpen and Ready.