Reports: man who escaped prison dressed as a woman to fool guards


January 23rd, 2014 ( Bryan Cordero Obando, 25, who escaped from La Reforma Prison on January 19th, dressed as a woman in order to escape with prison visitors, according to the latest reports.


Cordero was captured On January 20th, after an anonymous caller provided police information as to the man’s whereabouts in Promesas de Brasil de Santa Ana.  Cordero has since been returned to La Reforma, where he has been serving a 5-year sentence for aggravated robbery since September 2011.


Information provided by officials close to the investigation after Cordero’s capture indicated that a hole large enough for Cordero to escape had been located in the northeast parameter of the prison.


However, recent reports indicate that Cordero may have walked right out of the prison along with visitors by dressing as a woman.


According to reports, authorities have ordered an official investigation to determine whether prison staff acted negligently in allowing Cordero to escape.

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