Authorities remove 150 squatters from farm in Puntarenas

January 23rd, 2014 ( Police officers of the Fuerza Publica in riot gear removed 150 people, including men, women and children who had invaded a farm in the San Luis sector of Puntarenas yesterday morning.


The squatters entered the farm just five days prior, on January 17th, and began to construct makeshift homes from wood and plastic bags.  Some of the families had already taken up residence in the makeshift structures.


Ana Jimenez, the community’s leader, told reporters that police had no warrant for eviction.


The deputy police chief of Puntarenas, Michael Leiva said the property was registered to a company and was used for growing sugarcane.

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    • Yeims

      . . . begs the question, who WERE the precaristas? Nicas? Nicas and Ticos? Chinese?