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Water rationing will affect thousands beginning in February


January 15th, 2014 ( The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) said that some 40,000 people would face water-rationing beginning in February.  The most affected areas will be Escazu, Santa Ana, Ciudad Colon and Alajuelita.


AyA’s Sergio Nunez said the measure would be necessary to ensure water availability during this year’s dry season.


Nunez said that water supplies would be cut off overnight, reopened in the morning hours until about 11 a.m., then cut off again until the afternoon.


Nunez said the rationing could begin the second week of February.

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  • disgusted

    This reminds me how it was 20 yrs ago when most of us had the blue barrel of water on top of our roof in my neighborhood. And we had extra drinking water bottles in our house. This is going to be a problem for business and resident alike. My question What happened?? I see so many leaks around here spill thousand of gallons of water IF they just repair them . Oh that would seem logical , Right, Nunez ?

  • John Dungan

    Likely this would also help to extend the life of the sewage system, huh? Oh, wait. Their is no sewage system, is there?

  • mhogan

    I guess our future drinking water goes to keep the hydro-electric dams functional for a few more minutes; then we revert to the old, reliable stand-by: oil. But the drinking water is gone. Green romanticism strikes again. I guess the environmentalists call this progress — I call it a futile, misguided attempt at saving the Earth but hurting Man. But wait! Isn’t that the mantra of Agenda 21: Earth’s over Man. Please spare me the argument that if the Earth is destroyed, Man too is done. The sky is falling.

  • roberto

    The AyA loses 50% of its water via leaks in its pipe/tube/delivery systems.

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