Increase in traffic fines now in effect

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January 13th, 2014 ( An automatic adjustment in traffic fines came into effect on January 9th, with increases for various offenses ranging from ¢1,000 to ¢13,000.


The increases, which equate to 4.82%, are based on the increase of the annual consumer price index.


The fine for “Type A” offenses – considered the most serious – increased from ¢280,000 to ¢293,000.  Examples of Type A offenses including driving with an expired license, driving more than 120km/hour, or making an illegal ‘U’ turn.


Type B fines, such as disobeying a traffic signal, increased from ¢189,000 to ¢198,000.


Increases also apply to Type C and D offenses.


A complete list of offenses and their respective fines can be found on the Cosevi web site.

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    Considering the level of the local economy, and that of so many retirees how is one expected to pay these exorbitant fines? I have read that BCR and BN will loan the money at 3% interest per month, again egregious
    Little wonder we all carry money for bribes..