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Man who went on rampage at geriatric clinic arrested


January 10th, 2014 ( A 22-year-old Nicaraguan man identified by the last names Acevedo Grijalva who went on a rampage at a geriatric clinic after losing his job there was arrested near La Sabana on Wednesday.


Acevedo is accused of attacking 16 senior citizens in a geriatric clinic in Pavas after being notified that he was being fired from his job as a gardner and caretaker at the center.  The man allegedly beat the senior citizens with a fire extinguisher, and also stole their cash.


The man is also accused of tying up two employees and raping one of them during the melee.


Hours before the attack at the geriatric clinic, the man had been arrested for a home invasion near the medical center, but was released from custody for unknown reasons.  He then returned hours later to the medical center where he allegedly carried out the attacks.


Acevedo has been given three months of preventive detention.

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  • freedom fighter

    Maybe I don’t understand CR law, but 3 months preventive detention??? Won’t he be tried for beating and raping people???

    • mhogan

      He’ll probably be out on the street before you get an answer to your question–it’s called the revolving door of justice. There is no will here to punish evil.

    • Timothy Williams

      That is not his sentence. “Preventive” detention is synonymous with “pre-trial” detention – meaning he will be jailed until he goes to trial for his crime, but the court has to bring him to trial within 3 months or release him. If found guilty in court, he will then be sentenced for the crime(s) themselves.

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