200 squatters evicted from property near Liberia

January 8th, 2014 (InsideCostaRica.com) Police officers of the Fuerza Publica in Liberia, Guanacaste carried out the eviction this week of some 50 families consisting of some 200 people that had illegally claimed land in El Aguacaste, located about six kilometers northwest of Liberia, on land adjacent to the Pan-American Highway.


The eviction came after a complaint filed by the owner of the property, Adolfo Baltodano, who asked the courts several months ago to recover his land from the squatters.


The squatters, for their part, claimed the land was unoccupied and they had put the land to agricultural use, asking the state to grant them land rights to the property.


Several of those evicted refused to leave, forcing officers to arrest them on charges of resisting a police officer.


Makeshift dwellings constructed by the families were later dismantled and burned.


Last month, a group of hundreds of squatters successfully expropriated a 425 hectare property from a group of Dutch entrepreneurs after two years of conflict.


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    • Jorge

      Why don’t they just relocate them to the 45 hectares taken from the Dutch guys a couple of weeks ago?

      • roberto

        How about to Isla Calero?

        • gcblues

          how about shooting a few. problem solved

          • roberto

            problem with that is they are like mushrooms. Pick a few and in a couple of days there are a bunch more.

      • http://insidecostarica.com/ Timothy Williams

        425 hectares.

        • Jorge

          Even better then. Build them an amusement park and a few shopping malls too.

      • disgusted

        Notice it was a Tico who owned the land not a foreigners otherwise they would have done nothing but allow the land to be stolen .. Of course a double standard. Right lady Laura???

    • expatin paradise

      One point for rightful owners, for now, at least. I suspect that this conflict is not over, though.