• Marcella

    in the evening when you over the Little Bridge in Playas del Coco you see the shit going directly to the Ocean. Also on other places all the sewage water goes directly to the Ocean.

  • mhogan

    Costa Rica should take the situation “seriously”? Duh! Probably trying to think of a way to convert it to bio-fuel or “natural, sustainable” fertilizer for a “greener” environment. Hush that it’s a pollutant! Don’t let me down: spin another tale of how good a job you’re doing protecting our environment.

  • Yeims

    In comparison, dogs are more intelligent. They don’t defecate where they sleep, and they don’t excrete bodily wastes in water.

  • disgusted

    The local Children here in San Jose have a sick joke when going to the bathroom. I am going to do a Guanacaste.. meaning everything gets flushed down hill, rivers to that area. Too bad here there over 2 million in the upper valley I wonder how much is flushed directly.. Few have septic tanks more like a hole in the ground. Wake up world we need to protect our water supply what makes this Earth a livable environment.

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