Hikes in gasoline, diesel and electricity are on their way


January 3rd, 2014 (InsideCostaRica.com) The Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP) is expected to approve hikes in the prices of gasoline, diesel, and electricity in a hearing the first half of this month.


The expected price increases are ¢21 for super gasoline, ¢17 for ‘plus’ gasoline, and ¢20 for diesel, according to an ARESEP spokesperson.


Electricity rates are expected to increase by 5% compared to December.


Changes to potable water pricing are not expected for the next six months, according to ARESEP spokespeople.

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    • disgusted

      Gas in Houston area $2.89 per gal. Kansas $2.78 per gal with your Dillions card. Utah near SLC $2.99.. Costa Rica $5.68 a gal depends on how you calculate it in dollars… I know you can make the argument CR has no oil therefore increases. However something seems amiss here.who is pocketing all the money?? China?/ the Diputados?? “” Consultants”" code for stealing here. Hummm

      • roberto

        RECOPE…one of the best jobs you can have in CR.

    • SaseboSam

      and the price for a barrel continues to drop…I pay 3.24 w/smartpay in NH…