13-year-old rape victim commits suicide three months after giving birth

December 30th, 2013 (InsideCostaRica.com) A 13-year-old girl who had given birth three months ago took her own life last week, according to the Red Cross.  According to reports, the girl’s child was the result of rape.  The incident took place in the girl’s home in Cariari de Pococí.


“The family told us that apparently she had been raped and as a result had problems with postpartum depression, which led to her decision [to take her own life],” Dennis Sanchez, a Red Cross worker said.


The girl was apparently dead at the scene, having hung herself with a sheet while in the bathroom.


Authorities declined to provide further information, citing an ongoing investigation.

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    • Kathleen Noah

      Wrong on so many levels!

    • Frank Castle

      Rapists should be executed. They effectively “Murder” the victim by screwing up their lives.

    • KB

      Yet ANOTHER reason abortion should be legalized in Costa Rica. The Catholic Church welds entirely too much political power here.

      • canadamike

        here?… been the the States lately? but agreed.