Taxes for corporations, self-employed are due today

December 16th, 2013 ( Today is the last day that businesses and the self-employed can pay tax without facing a penalty, as December 15th fell on a Sunday.  Those who miss the deadline face harsher penalties this year.


Statistics show that most people in Costa Rica procrastinate the filing of their tax returns.  In 2012, tax authorities received 76% of tax returns in the final two days before the deadline.


Increases in penalties this year


An inaccurate tax return could mean a fine of up to 150% on the total amount left to pay, up from 25% to 75% last year.


Failure to file a tax statement at all brings a fine of up to 10 minimum wages.


Late payment of tax comes with penalties of 13% annually.  Additionally, the National Registry will not issue legal documents for corporations who are behind in their tax.


If taxes are not paid for three consecutive tax periods, the company can be forcefully dissolved.


If you own a corporation in Costa Rica, you can view taxes owed on your corporation on the web site of the National Registry,

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    • Jerry

      Is this just business or for personal corp. like my house is in. We were told at BCR they are not due yet. Anyone out there can give instructions on how to check the registry website for taxes due.

      • mhogan

        If you have an “Active” Corporation, you’ll need to file a return and pay taxes latest today. If you want to check if your Corporation (personal corp. or business corp) is active with Tributation, go to the Hacienda website, plug in your Cedula Juridica and it will tell you your status.

    • Jimmy Kirk

      I read this and rushed to the bank and was told that nothing was due?
      Can anyone tell me when these taxes are actually due?
      I do not like paying taxes, but I like even less paying overdue fines.