Gunmen rob 40 bus passengers

December 16th, 2013 ( Gunmen, firing shots in the air, managed to stop a bus traveling on the Orotina-Cebadilla route over the weekend, robbing all of the some 40 passengers on board.  Many of the passengers had large amounts of cash on them after receiving their annual Christmas bonuses.


The men were able to flee in a gray vehicle.  A witness was able to take the license place of the vehicle, which was given to authorities, though no arrests have been made.


Authorities have warned in recent days of the risk of an increase in assaults and armed robberies. December is a favorite time for criminals to prey on victims carrying more cash than usual after receiving their annual Christmas bonuses.

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    • mhogan

      Crime doth pay in Costa Rica. With the risk of being caught, being prosecuted or monies recovered is negligible, why would anyone NOT consider being a criminal.

    • Jorge

      Just heartless. I sincerely hope the perpetrators are caught and handed heavy sentences.

    • Chris Thomas

      Is open season for criminals to prey on people all year round in this country you get robed by the criminals or the police