Constitutional Court suspends automatic increase in alimony payments

Sala IV / Supreme Court

December 12th, 2013 ( Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court has temporarily suspend the automatic increase in alimony and/or child support payments while the court resolves a citizen appeal of unconstitutionality.


As a result, those receiving such payments will have to apply individually for increases at judicial offices until the case is resolved.


The appeal before the court was filed by a citizen who disagrees that such increases should be automatic.


Automatic increases are usually applied in January and July of each year.

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    • expatin paradise

      Wages, fines, taxes, fees, rent, and everything else in Costa Rica goes up automatically, but single mothers without legal resources have to incur the expense of legal action to get increases in support for their children? This is one time when the courts aren’t catering to women and children – I guess that the court is well represented by men who resent paying to support their kids.

    • sloth1

      @ expatin: That may true some of the time but there is a lot of abuse that occurs here in CR from women in the matters of alimony. To me there should be a case by case review after a certain time if the women should receive alimony at all. Has she made an effort to work etc. Child support is another matter and should be separated. from alimony cases.