Authorities dismantle criminal group that had help from police officer

December 12th, 2013 ( In a series of 12 raids in Guápiles, agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) succeeded in dismantling a criminal group dedicated to robbing homes and businesses as well as car theft.  The group apparently operated with the assistance of a police officer of the Fuerza Publica in Limon.


A total of 11 individuals, most of whom have previous criminal records, were apprehended.  One of those arrested is a 31-year-old police officer.


According to the director of the OIJ, Francisco Segura, the group operated with the assistance of a police officer that supplied the group with information on police activity, allowing the group to operate while evading law enforcement.


“[This group] has been operating for five years and have been arrested several times,” Segura said.


According to authorities, the group was involved in robberies across the country, from Guápiles, Guanacaste, Limon, and San José.  In addition to home invasion robberies and stealing cars, the group has robbed jewelry stores and supermarkets, authorities said.


One of the suspects is also believed to have participated in the violent armed robbery of fifty worshippers during a church service in Limon.


Authorities also said the group would extort its victims into dropping charges against them.

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    • NorthendFool

      I was hoping this article was about Puerto Viejo where the police work with the pot growers to protect them.

    • Yeims

      It might be interesting to see what is done about this judiciously. Let’s see, already arrested 5 times.. Will this sixth time be a charm, or will the trend continue. My guess is that the past will be the stronger predictor. I wonder if the policeman will even see a day in jail.

      • McDemon

        This pattern is par for the course in this ass-backwards shit hole. I’ve read articles where some of these scumbags had been arrested 45+ plus times for violent crimes yet were never sentenced once. Sheer lunacy! The idiots who run this country have pissed away the huge advantage they were left with as Central America emerged from the hell of the 70′s and 80′s. They will get what they deserve when investment flees and the peasants have no Gringos off which to leech and steal.

    • McDemon

      Nothing but thieves and liars in this country! Can’t wait to leave!

    • Andrew

      Corrupt cops in Costa Rica? Really? I can’t believe it.

    • Gene Warneke

      A similar thing happened to me in Canaza de Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula about 2.5 years ago. I suffered through a home invasion with a knife to my neck for over 40 minutes. A week later, two young police officers drove up and offered to help me get my stuff back, but on an off-the-record basis.

    • expatin paradise

      There’s always a cop involved. I’m sure that there are some honest cops. Costa Rica really should polygraph all law enforcement officers every six months.

      • McDemon

        Costa Rica should stop hiring uneducated ditch diggers and paying them squat. WTF do they expect. They give a guy with a 7th grade education power and a gun and expect him to not take advantage? They, of all people, know how unlikely punishment will be in the off chance they are caught. Worst case scenario is they have to cut in the corrupt cop or supervisor who caught them. Vermin all of them.

      • Yeims

        The 99% of the cops are giving the remaining one percent a bad name.