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Israel says Iran has ‘terror bases’ in Nicaragua, other Latin American countries

December 10th, 2013 ( Israel’s defense minister on Monday accused Iran of using its diplomatic personnel and embassies to create ‘terrorist bases’ in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries, and transferring guns and bombs through diplomatic mail pouches, without providing evidence for the claims.


“The Iranians use diplomatic mail [pouches] in order to transport bombs and weapons, and we know that there are states in South America, like Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, where the Iranians have terror bases, both in the embassies and among the local Shi’ite Muslim populations.


Wherever there are Iranian embassies, they also serve as bases for espionage and terrorism,” Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said in a statement after meeting with visiting Guatemalan President Otto Perez.


Ya’alon believes these bases can be used to attack Jewish or Israeli interests in the region, or to stage attacks inside of the U.S. similar to the foiled 2011 attack on a Saudi ambassador in Washington, DC.


“They are taking advantage of the drug smuggling routes from South America into the United States in order to move weapons there,” he said.


“[The Iranians] are building a terror infrastructure in South America to attack Jews and Israeli interests,” he said, “but they are also using these bases that they have built in places like Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela to act against the United States,” he said.


This is not the first time reports from Israel have claimed the presence of terrorist camps in Nicaragua.  Israeli media reports in September 2012 claimed that Lebanon’s Hezbollah was training terrorists in a secret location in northern Nicaragua, near the Honduran border.


“Approximately 30 members of the terrorist organization reside inside the area, which is closed to locals,” the Times of Israel reported at the time.


Israeli and Argentine authorities have also long suspected Iranian involvement in the bombings of a Jewish centre and the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in the 1990s that killed scores of people, charges denied by Iran.


AFP contributed to this report.

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  • Jorge

    Completely plausible and very scary because there is no military presence or counter-terrorism intelligence here to stop them. I remember a similar scare here a few years ago when they thought Hezbollah had infiltrated into Costa Rica to initiate a series of terrorist attacks. I just pray that the US and Israel are keeping a watchful eye on the borders and whats happening in these dodgy countries that allow these loonies in.

  • sam williams

    Zionist Israel is the problem. Google Mossad+9/11

    • Jorge

      Yeh Sam, your an idiot for believing that crap

      • Anthony

        Palestinians celebrating 9/11, doesn’t mean they were complicit, they were just happy. Israeli Mossad agents jumping up and down with joy in Hoboken, N.J. as they watched the planes fly into the World Trade Center were complicit. The Israeli shipping line Zim, vacated their offices before their lease was up, just in time huh?
        Google ” Dancing Israelis 9/11,

        • Jorge

          OMG, no idea why I am bothering replying because your retarded lies aren’t worth the time. OK if those Israelis taking photos on the top of a building were responsible then they would be in prison right now not living at home. It matters not the Palestinians weren’t complicit in 9/11, they celebrated the massive loss of innocent lives. And that nonsense about Zim vacating their offices in time is disgusting sub-human inference and you are a pathetic racist.

          • Anthony

            Just Google what I said to Google, it’s history. Now maybe you can tell me what racism has to do with truth. Some people are spoon fed s**t and swallowed it. You’re one of them.

          • Anthony

            Google the above link Jorge.

          • Jorge

            Yeh, everything on the internet is the truth. And even if the company did move offices what the hell has that got to do with them being involved in 9/11. Its just rubbish posted by someone as backward as yourself. You do nothing to criticise Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and most of the Arab world for the mistreatment of their citizens and their wanton tyranny against the West. You just try and pin blame on Israel with ridiculous, baseless accusations, the only free democracy in the Middle East.

          • Anthony

            The only free democracy in the Middle East murdered 34 American Sailors in the USS Liberty, an intentional attack by our only friends in the Middle East.

          • Jorge

            Not intentional, mistakes happen in war and it was very unfortunate.

          • Tio Caiman
          • Jorge

            Yep, was waiting for that lie to surface too. It’s nonsense, there are no dams in that area. The reservoirs overflowed and both Gaza and Israel had to pump the water out. Israel supplied Gaza with the pumps to help.

          • Canamjay

            exactly what does ‘rampant tyranny against the West” mean, Jorge… do you have ANY idea? No?.. that’s what I thought. Do you troll like this for free? or a fee? The list of ‘illegal’ acts by your buds in Israel would fill a large book if listed all together. A country formed on religious mythology is a huge mistake.. as history is in the process of proving. Zionism is terrorism by another name.

          • Jorge

            no idea what you are on about. would love to see the list of illegal acts you talk about. can only think of UN resolutions that have been tried to be passed by a majority-Arab delegation. i don’t troll at all, i voice my opinion against bigoted, racist fools such as yourself who know nothing other than to malign Israel.

      • Tio Caiman

        I was in Honduras when 9/11 happened and I saw groups of people watching the news at the “pulperias” (small family own grocery stores) sort of celebrating too. Sorry Jorge… sadly it was not just Palestine, it was a global phenomenon

        • Jorge

          Never claimed it was, I’m sure there were many fruitcakes out there wallowing in the misery of others. But to claim Israel was complicit in it because of ridiculous conspiracy theorists and lies is unacceptable.

    • Anthony

      You are right, BiBi and the Zionists just can”t stop until they sucker us into another war for the illegal state of Israel. Google “Dancing Israelis 9/11″ or the “Lavon Affair” or the “King David Hotel< Israel"

      • Jorge

        You and Sam should go and share a tent in the Ku Klux Klans Summer camp.

        • Anthony

          The truth hurts, huh Jorge.

  • expatin paradise

    This is as plausible as the US and Israel using diplomatic pouches for the same purposes. Neither country is a stranger to terrorist activities – the US invaded Iraq and waged war there for a decade to further the interests of Haliburton. Governments and other organizations all over the planet have tried to eliminate or destabilize others when they deem it to be in their best interests, even if violent acts are seen as necessary. The adversaries of Israel and the US see the deck stacked against them and have responded with acts they see as justified. Unfortunately, each act by one party exacerbates the problem and justifies the next act by the other. It’s as if the Hatfields and McCoys are controlling international relations.s

    • Jorge

      So you are saying that the US and Israel are terrorist entities and Iran has every right to subsidise terrorism in Costa Rica because there are valid targets here?
      If thats the case you wont be living in paradise much longer.

      • expatin paradise

        I see that you are the site bully here, and apparently barely literate, at that – I said nothing of the sort. I reject terrorism by any party – I just understand how it has become out of hand.

        As for these allegations by Israel, I see them as scare tactics intended to raise Latin American suspicions against a nation that has not, to my knowledge, colonized or orchestrated any assassinations or coups in Latin America. Unfortunately, the same claim cannot be made regarding the US or many European countries. Note that Israel, a country with a definite agenda to make the rest of the world see its enemies as evil, has offered no evidence to support its claims.

        • Jorge

          You intimated exactly what I questioned in my reply. I only seem as though I am bullying you because your arguments are weaker than my own.
          Israeli intelligence is the best in the World so the purpose of warning Countries to be aware of potential terrorism is to save lives not earn brownie points. If you say that the US invading Iraq was an act of terrorism then you completely misunderstand the meaning of the word. Whether there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq makes no difference, Hussein was a tyrant and a threat to Middle East stability and needed to be dethroned. The US did not terrorise innocents by their force beyond the rules of engagement.

          • expatin paradise

            Your “arguments” don’t hold water. Insults are not arguments.

            The rules of engagement prohibit countries from invading others based on manufactured “intelligence.” The fact that you feel that your arguments make any sense is another example of your obvious ignorance. Invading Iraq wasn’t terrorism, but it was a war crime.

            The US is not the police force for the world and has no right to impose US ideals on the rest of the world. When I was young, US citizens prided themselves on the fact that their government was the best, an example for the rest of the world. Now, with the Patriot Act, the US has denied its people to their basic civil rights while going to war to “free” other peoples (amnd their oil fields). The US seems to have taken the position that theirs is the minimum standard for the rest of the world (even though they deny that standard to the US people), to be imposed on other countries whether or not they want it.

            I do agree with you that Israel, in conjunction with the NSA, has the most extensive intelligence operation on the planet. They also sponsor more assassinations and other black operations than any other country, and disseminate disinformation to suit their purposes, often doing the dirty work that the US doesn’t want to be associated with.

            I’m finished with this responding to your nonsense. Arguments are wasted on closed, small minds. I’m sure that you will post some parting shots, but don’t expect a response from me.

          • Yeims

            Yes, I totally agree with you. This newspaper has had problems with persons who have no manners, no sense of ethical behavior, and are relatively badly informed. They make it difficult for the rest of us to share views in a civilized kind of way. Ad Hominem remarks such as those by Jorge serve no useful purpose at all and are appreciated by no one.

          • Jorge

            I didn’t insult expat once in any post. Just disagreed with him. In fact he called me “barely literate” which is insulting but I let that slide. The other posters were using Zionist as a racist term and needed to be reprimanded in ways only they can understand.
            As for the real discussions between myself and Ken, they are productive, moral and interesting.

          • Jorge

            You are too contradictory for me to base any real debate with.

          • Canamjay

            man, are you delusional; the shock and awe display, obliterating the infrastructure, plus the MILLIONS of Iraqis killed and maimed by such an egregious display of power and thoughtlessness really has no possible justification on any level. You are obviously very poorly educated/informed and your comments display an amazing ignorance of facts of recent history. Are you working out of the Israeli or US Embassy? The US and Israel have each committed more acts of ‘terrorism’ well documented than any CENTRAL American country in all recorded history.

          • Jorge

            Are you working for Al Jazeera? I have never heard such unfounded nonsense in my life. If its so well documented show me the sources and I will refute them.
            Furthermore we weren’t even talking about Central American countries committing terrorist acts, learn to read properly before commenting on subjects you know nothing of.

  • nospamsonny

    this is nuts, haha! – managua denizen

  • Ken Morris

    Ah, Israel. I would think that any fair-minded person reading this article has to conclude that Israel is dangerously hyperbolic. How many times does it need to call anything and everything Iran does “terrorism” to get its point across? The information and allegations in the article are important, but the stridency with which Israel presents them tells me that Israel is overreacting. Everything Iran does in Latin America isn’t terrorism for goodness sakes.

    Of course, Iran has for a long time been been making friends in Latin America, and probably developing some military capabilities here. Wouldn’t you if you were Iran? They live under the constant threat of attack by the US and/or Israel. It doesn’t take much of a military strategist to conclude that Iran would be wise to develop some military capabilities outside of its own country.

    Also, it’s fairly easy for Sandinista Nicaragua to have reservations about Israel. It continued to supply arms to the Somoza regime after every other country in the world (including the US) refused. Sometimes Ortega is easy to figure out. He reasons that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Since Israel is his historic enemy, he’s understandably going to ally with Iran.

    And this is in addition to the general sympathy leftists like the Sandinistas feel for those they believe that Israel oppresses, often with the help of the US. Israel is after all the top recipient of US aid, not to mention a staunch military ally of the US.

    In all, Iran’s incursions into Latin America are something to watch, and Israeli intelligence is one of the best sources of information. However, when Israel keeps calling everything that Iran does in Latin America “terrorism,” I tend to question Israel.

    • Jorge

      So the bombing in Argentina by Iran doesn’t count?
      Funding Hezbollah to perpetrate acts of terrorism in Latin America is something that is exaggerated?
      Using Nicaragua and Venezuela’s hatred of the US and democracy against Countries allied with the US is beyond belief? I don’t think so.
      It is well known fact that a major source of income for terrorist entities is drugs and there is plenty of it coming through Nicaragua.
      To establish a terrorist network to protect this infrastructure is therefore not hyperbole but facts that you can ignore at your peril.
      I would love to know why Iran and Nicaragua would be so eager to work together though other than for precarious motives. Does Nicaragua possess such hi-tech military capability, more so than Iran and Russia? Or just for using Nicaragua as a launchpad to attack the US? Neither makes sense. Terrorism against targets in Latin America unfortunately does make sense. Sorry Ken, not convinced by your response to this article.

      • Ken Morris

        I’m not seeing the areas of disagreement that you do.

        Sure, terrorism against targets in Latin American can make some sense, but assuming that whoever is running the show in Iran is rational, not a lot of sense. Iran primarily needs good will in Latin America, which terrorist acts tend not to elicit. Plus, at least inside Nicaragua, I’m hard-pressed to identify an Israeli terrorist target.

        A puzzle, which to my knowledge nobody can answer, is why so few drugs seem to be run through Nicaragua. So far it’s kind of the drug trade-free capitol of Central America. A guess might be that this is because higher-ups are running the drug trade there and aren’t getting caught, although on the surface it appears that Nicaragua is pretty good at keeping the trade out.

        Mostly I’m sick of the accusation of “terrorism.” Not a few would call Israel a terrorist state. I’m not saying I agree or disagree, only that the word is loaded. When Israel repeatedly claims that everything Iran is doing involves terrorism, I’m suspicious of Israel.

        Also, as a practical matter, from what I read Iran’s promises in Nicaragua have been mostly bluster. The country talks a big game, but doesn’t follow through. Who knows, maybe it’s all happening and all terrorism-related, but I can’t see what Ortega gets out of nurturing Iranian terrorists. He is no fan of Israel, but far too savvy to risk sponsoring terrorism that doesn’t advance his objectives.

        • Jorge

          Ken, there is so many drug busts occurring on the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, it is far from drug free as many articles on the subject prove. This money is used to fund terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah and any other lunatics wanting to wreak havoc.
          The article states that Iran wants to target Israeli and Jewish interests outside of Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela as they did in Argentina in 1994.
          Ortega and other dictators of these “rogue” Countries don’t nurture or sponsor terrorists they just provide a safe haven for them to operate. I’m sure they makes a good living from it too and cheaper oil.
          Israel has been proven over and over again to be correct about it intelligence regarding its enemies actions.

          • Ken Morris

            I didn’t say that Nicaragua was drug free, but if you look closely you will see that it tends to do a better job at interdiction than any other Central American country (according to Uncle Sam) plus enjoys one of the lowest domestic consumption rates.

            I did say that so far Nicaragua hasn’t received squat from Iran. It gets its cheaper oil from Venezuela. I’m at a loss to see the payoff for Ortega to provide safe haven to Iranian terrorists. I’m not saying that there can’t be one, only that I can’t find it. I also don’t judge Ortega to be stupid enough to do something that he doesn’t benefit from.

            I also agreed that Israel is pretty darn good at intelligence, and therefore admonished listening to what it alleges. However, you yourself put it best by saying that the intelligence involves Israel’s “enemies.” It’s pretty clear from the article that Israel regards Iran as an enemy and only an enemy, which again to me speaks to a mindset in Israel that I am suspicious of. You could also call these enemies “rogue” states (as you do) or hell terrorists. I just find the rhetoric inflammatory and believe it detracts from the intelligence itself, which I agree is important.

          • Jorge

            Ken, you just have to read the anti-Israel rhetoric spouted by Ahmadinejad when he was in power and by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The only moderate type is Rouhani who has taken a big step with the US in brokering this latest sanctions deal.
            The intelligence has to be put out there for vigilance sake because unfortunately most Latin American countries are preoccupied with the war against drugs, child trafficking, sex slaves and money laundering to have time to deal with terrorism too.

          • Ken Morris

            Jorge, I agree with everything you say here.

            Hate to beat a dead horse, but I think Israel would be more effective and trustworthy if it stuck to the facts without lacing them with lots of emotionally charged words.

            I feel like Sergeant Joe Friday dealing with a hysterical crime report and asking, “Just the facts.”

            It isn’t the content I object to, but the language.

  • Tio Caiman

    What about Israel flooding Gaza?

    • Jorge

      Israel didn’t flood anyone…God did.
      Lets talk about Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, China, Indonesia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan

  • disqus_r8w0IwvvLw

    I notice that at any time anyone criticizes Israel or a person who is jewish rightfully on this site, Jorge gets angry. Who is the most hated country by all other countries in the world? take a look=Usa and Israel. Hmmm I wonder why that is? Everyone is jealous of their freedom and democracy? I think not. It is because they are bullies, perpetuate lies, cause coups and do anything to get their ways including terrorize other nations. I have never seen a catholic flare up so intensely in the name of Zionism. Going to Israel does not mean you can see the bigger world picture. Have you seen what has happened to Palestine by the hands of the Zionists? Someone is NOT playing fair.

    • Jorge

      Yep, I get angry because there are so many racists posting nonsense. You are included of course.

      I don’t mind reading criticism of Israel when its true and sometimes it might be indefensible. However, you just lie, lie lie.

      I see the bigger picture and can answer your lies because I am educated in these matters.
      You’re just an imbecile.

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