U.S. SOUTHCOM testing “nanosatellites” in Latin America

December 9th, 2013 (ISH) The United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) took a first step in an effort to evaluate how low-cost space communication capabilities can support information sharing and tactical communications across wide geographic expanses, including remote and densely forested areas.

A SOUTHCOM-sponsored nanosatellite was one of the payloads of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket that successfully launched at 11:14 p.m. local time on Dec. 5 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in the state of California. Two additional nanosatellites are scheduled to launch in December 2014.

The nanosatellite will be set to a low-earth orbit and evaluated in partnership with Brazil and Peru as part of a technology program.

“This is just an evaluation, but we think this space capability could help improve communication during various operations,” said Gen. John Kelly, SOUTHCOM’s commander. “Investing in nanosatellites is also an opportunity for us to collaborate from the ground up with partner nations who are looking to develop this capability for a variety of security and commercial uses.”

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    • disqus_r8w0IwvvLw

      Who is buying into this additional control by one more corportation,the powers that should not be?

      ‘The “posture statements” of two Southcom commanders to the
      House Armed Services Committee in 2004 and 2005 are aptly named,
      as they seem to be little more than posturing by generals fighting
      imaginary wars in unknown territories. That such statements are
      taken seriously is another sign that the U.S. national security
      has strayed dangerously far from reality in its assessments of the
      region. THIS IS STILL TRUE.

      ‘A revealing look at how Southcom perceives security issues in
      Latin America and the Caribbean was provided by Gen. James Hill,
      Southcom’s former commander, in his “posture report” to
      Congress in March 2004.7 Hill alerted the House Armed Services
      Committee that in addition to the terrorist threats in the region,
      the security climate was also threatened by widening political and
      social instability.’ REALLY??? and who instigates this?

      He claims that radical
      populists are emerging throughout the hemisphere and gaining in

      “We cannot afford
      to let Latin America and the Caribbean become a backwater of
      violent, inward-looking states that are cut off from the world
      around them by populist, authoritarian governments.”HELLO


      • NorthendFool

        Hello, it is happening. Maybe you should try living in Puerto Viejo so you can see exactly what is happening. Boat loads of drugs landing all over the place coming from Colombia. Guns available coming from Nica. Perpetual tourist who have been here many years who own nothing are also embedded in the growing and selling of pot grown in the hills. This creates crime, young men with guns are everywhere. Its getting worse and the police are being paid off to protect the thugs.