Problematic border tax could be reinstated soon

December 9th, 2013 ( Unofficial sources report that Costa Rican authorities are eager to reinstate a problematic new border tax at the Nicaragua border by Sunday in order to take advantage of the large number of Nicaraguan nationals expected to head north for the holidays.


The $5 tax had to be suspended a little more than a day after being implemented the last weekend of November as hundreds of travelers unaware of the new tax had nowhere to pay the fee at the border.


The problems occurred because self-service machines that were supposed to allow travelers to pay the fee at the border were never installed.


Besides the machines, the tax can only be paid at branches of the Bancrédito bank, which forced hundreds of travelers to backtrack to Liberia – an hour’s drive south of the border, in order to pay the tax.


The ensuing chaos forced authorities to temporarily suspend the requirement to show proof of payment of the tax.


Unofficial sources now report that authorities are eager to reinstitute the tax by Sunday, as one of the busiest seasons at the border gets underway.


In addition to the $5 fee, travelers will also be required to pay a new $2 fee in order to have their baggage checked by special machines.


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    • jimbo97

      Pay to enter our country, Pay to leave our country… Let’s add another tax, another fee. For a country who’s main industry is tourism, you should have open arms welcoming visitors – encouraging them to come visit your beautiful country. Instead, you have one hand out for money, and the other hand holding up the middle finger to foreigners. At least you have a smile on your face.. When the flow of visitors starts will slow, that’s ok – just raise the fees to make up the shortfall. Dummies.