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Friday, January 29th, 2016  |  USD: Buy 531.29 / Sell 543.92
20 years

Photos prove existence of armed Costa Rica paramilitary militia


December 5th, 2013 ( A group which called itself Patrulla 1856 (The 1856 Patrol) before recently changing its name to the Frente Patriótico para la Defensa Nacional (Patriotic Front for National Defense) has released a series of photos of its militia participating in infrantry and combat training at one of the group’s camps.  The militia group consists of at least one hundred men, and is headed by the former director of the national police force (Fuerza Publica), Fabio Jose Pizarro.


Inside Costa Rica was one of the first news outlets to report the formation of the group in September.


At the time, President Laura Chinchilla condemned the formation of such a group, but downplayed the possibility that a true guerilla fighting force might be organized in Costa Rica, saying that “often [these groups] do not exist in reality,” and could simply be empty talk on social networks.


The release of a series of photos by the militia however, now proves otherwise.


The group describes itself as “a paramilitary group whose purpose is apolitical and to serve the country in support of the defense of our sovereignty, which right now is heavily compromised by the invasion by Nicaragua of Costa Rican territory, constant threats and blatant intent to seize more territory either by manipulation of international bodies or by deploying its army.  We rely on the rights granted in Article 12 of the Constitution of Costa Rica.  Our inspiration is based on the 1856 campaign, a well known story for both sides and the expulsion of the invaders.”


The ‘1856 campaign’ – and the group’s name – is taken from the Campaign of 1856-1857 when Costa Rica defeated the army of American filibuster, William Walker.  The group points to Article 12 of Costa Rica’ Constitution, saying the article provides them the right to take actions in the case of ‘clear territorial defense.’


Article 12 reads: “The Army is banned as a permanent institution […] Only by continental agreement or for national defense may military forces be organized, and shall always be subordinate to the civil power: they may not deliberate or make statements or representations individually or collectively.”


The group has stated that all Costa Ricans – both men and women – who are at least 25 years of age are able to join the ranks of its paramilitary army.


A representative of the group stated in September that it cannot “reveal the structure, size, strength or capabilities,” of its units, as “the potential enemy also uses open sources to collect intelligence data on the defense capability of Costa Rica,” adding that he can only reveal that its ranks have grown in recent days.


The representative also stated that should an armed conflict occur, the group would be disbanded after achieving its objectives and would not continue as an ongoing guerilla movement.


The group has also stated that it would only carry out operations within sovereign Costa Rican territory, “according to official maps,” in order to avoid giving Nicaragua the basis for international legal action.


The group said it is now planning to create another training camp in an undisclosed area of the Central Valley this month.






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  • Chris Thomas

    If there was a war with Nicaragua this guy would drop their weapons and run for the hill Costa Ricans have no idea what a real war is like, Nicaraguans have the advantage big time

    • Cristian Latino

      You think we don´t have real soldiers giving us real training in our party? Do some research before opening your mouth, we will defend our territory against f#%!&ng Sandinistas or ANYBODY.

      • Fhuh Kew

        How about defending yourselves from yourselves ? If you turn your back for one second your “brothers” will steal the equipment and buy perfume and flowers for his cousins wife.Take your pow-pows to San Jose and find out why a kilo of cheese costs twice what it does in a real country with real wages and infrastructure.I refer to Ecuador.Not the diablos imperialstas EEUU pukes.

        • Cristian Latino

          The more you talk, the more I see you don´t know, must be a Sandinista.

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes

    The last 2 administrations have been a disaster. The fraud of Cafta-a la the election of GWB – has meant that CR has shed it’s independence at the expense of the working class, and is tumbling down the slope towards civil insurrection-hence the need for the ruling elite to develop a para-militia.

    • Cristian Latino

      We just wanna defend our country in case of a invasion by Daniel Ortega or drug Cartels, that´s it.

      • Oliver Wendell Holmes

        What, with 100 men? You’re kidding right? So you’re a fan of Laura, then? even though she lied about them?

        • Cristian Latino

          Who said is only 100 men? Do some research, dumb.

  • NorthendFool

    Its men playing. It makes them feel good. Grassroots? Nica needs someone to pick on and CR is convenient. Get used to it considering CR lets thousands of Nicas enter everyday.

    • Cristian Latino

      You right we let to many Nicas coming and Gringos too, that´s got to change.

      • PublicEnemy2u

        now that you have the Narco’s , who needs the Nica’s and the gringos … paridise lost

  • PublicEnemy2u

    Don’t worry until the trainers are Chinese and the weapons are AK47′s (20 years)

    • Cristian Latino

      Our trainers r not stupid Chinesse you fool, we don´t need them to win. Our party is composed ONLY by Costaricans.

      • PublicEnemy2u

        like I said, give it 20 years ….

        • Cristian Latino

          Wow you soooo smart!!. jajajajaja.

  • Fhuh Kew

    Hahahaha. AR with a 5 round mag and a BB gun scope. Woooo ! Peligrosisimito !! Idiots.
    2 nd look ! It’s a .22 with a chitkit mang ! Hahaha. Where’s the rusted out 86 Samuri with chains and painted camo( pero el caja es malo).” Yo tengo artilleria mae ! Fhuh Keen retards.
    Their mommys will probably have the pictures printed out and hide them under that mattress. Mi hijo es una revolucionario bravo ! Head north brave warriors ! The body bags await you !

    • Cristian Latino

      Terrible translation, no more to say, worthless.

  • Trinity

    Someone has been watching too many Hollywood movies…..

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