Costa Rica amongst countries in Latin America with least perception of corruption

December 4th, 2013 ( Costa Rica is among the countries with the lowest levels of perceived corruption in Latin America, according to an index published on Tuesday by NGO, Transparency International.


According to the index, which is published each year, Costa Rica is ranked 49th amongst 177 countries surveyed, tied with Lithuania and Rwanda.  Costa Rica’s rank has improved by 5 spots since last year.


In Latin America, Only Uruguay (19) and Chile (22) have lower levels of perceived corruption.


President Laura Chinchilla expressed her satisfaction with the ranking on her official Twitter account.


Transparency International said that “the situation in the region remains of concern as only three countries: Uruguay, Chile, and Costa Rica, were rated above the average rating.”


In Latin America, the countries with the highest levels of perceived corruption are Paraguay (150), Venezuela (160), and Haiti (163).  Argentina and Bolivia are tied at 106th.

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    • Bill Boyd

      The key word here is perceived. It has nothing to do with the actual level of corruption.

    • morlaine

      I’d like to know who they asked about their perception because it certainly isn’t perceived that way where I live. Crime and/or corruption runs rampant. That isn’t a perception, it’s a reality.

    • Fhuh Kew

      When you are dealing with a bunch of idiots that thinks FarceBook IS the internet; “perceived” doesn’t even factor in.
      The majority of the population never read a book, traveled anywhere but SJO or some crappy nearby beach and locks themselves in their cages to watch soap operas at night while criminals lurk outside. They repeat Pura Vida hundreds of times a day to remain delusional and avoid suicidal tendencies and being able to realize they have no future what-so-ever.
      Lock doors. Eat concentrato(beans/rice/boiled meat), wake up, put things in plastic bags tie 3 knots all day long to earn $15. Repeat. Maybe take a beating from hubby when he gets home or find out the kid stole the $5 emergency stash and bought perfume.

    • Chris Thomas

      Costa Rica is extremely corrupt it should be at the bottom of the list, the thing this government is excellent as is hiding the corruption no other country can do this as good as CR they sweep all bad news under the rug