Lawmakers will get 46 days off beginning December 23rd

December 3rd, 2013 ( In a 38-16 vote, lawmakers approved a bill that will provide legislators 46 paid days off beginning December 23rd.  Lawmakers will return to work on February 3rd, 2014, the day after Costa Ricans elect their next president.


The bill is aimed to allow lawmakers the opportunity to hit the campaign trail with their parties’ candidates.


Legislator and Frente Amplio presidential candidate, José Maria Villalta said he would voluntarily not collect his salary during the recess.



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  • roberto

    Chapulines con corbatas!

    • disgusted

      Many Diputados con corbatas are on vacation now. They only give appearance they are doing something important. Which we all know they are making stupid laws like the border tax with no structure to pay at the border. This was done now to collect money from the ten of thousand Nicaraguans who go home over the holidays. Shameful government.

  • Jerry

    These people are plain stupid to allow this. They must take lessons from the states. We are the dumbest people on earth.

  • Ken Morris

    Good news for the republic: 46 days without another stupid law passed. I’d prefer they stayed out on vacation longer.

    • Jerry

      Good Point.

  • Yeims

    I wonder if there is a plan to cook up a tax bomb, release it, and then hide out for awhile.