Former judiciary official arrested as part of counterfeiting ring

December 3rd, 2013 ( Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) conducted three raids yesterday morning in Aserri, Curridabat and Cartago, arresting three men and a woman for allegedly counterfeiting colon banknotes.


According to the director of the OIJ, Francisco Segura, the woman was a judiciary official that worked in the Second Judicial Circuit before retiring with a pension in August.  One of the three men arrested was the woman’s son.


The arrests come after undercover OIJ agents in Cartago were able to purchase ¢350,000 in counterfeit bills for ¢50,000.


Authorities seized computer, printing, and other equipment during the raids.


The counterfeit bills ranged in denomination from ¢1,000 to ¢10,000.

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    • expatin paradise

      Now, that’s a retirement plan that puts prior training to good use. I’d bet that the woman, the probable mastermind, not only stays out of prison but keeps her pension while the guys do time.