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Colombian pilot in custody after discovery of new armed, organized camp

Ministry of Public Security photo.

Ministry of Public Security photo.

November 5th, 2013 ( A Costa Rican and a Colombian were taken into custody yesterday on suspicion of being linked to an armed camp in the mountains of Pococí, Limon, discovered over the weekend – the third such camp in as many weeks.  The Colombian is described by authorities as being an expert helicopter pilot.


The Costa Rican was identified by the last name Vega, while the Colombian was identified by the last name Ramirez, according to the Ministry of Security.


The men were taken into custody in a pickup at the same location where officials of the Ministry of Security located an armed camp on Saturday, after receiving information that a helicopter would land at the site, located in Asturias de Pococí, that day.


However, a group of individuals in a shelter at the camp noticed the police presence and began to exchange gunfire with authorities, escaping in the process.  No officers were injured in the exchange.  Authorities believe one of the suspects may have been injured.


After the firefight, officials discovered a helipad, five AK-47 assault rifles, two smaller caliber weapons and $48,000 in cash in a shelter at the camp.


Officers also recovered two Honduran passports at the camp.  The passports are in the names of Wilmer Estuardo García Caballero, 27 and Wilmer Antonio Montoya Enamorado, 41.  Immigration records show both of the men having entered Costa Rica by way of the Peñas Blancas border crossing with Nicaragua in September.


A significant store of aviation fuel was also discovered.


Security Minister, Mario Zamora said authorities are investigating if the camp is related to the recent findings of two other armed camps with heliports in recent weeks – one in Cutris de San Carlos and the other in Guacimo, Limon.

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  • NorthendFool

    I suppose a judge let them all out of jail the next day.

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