Did it snow in Costa Rica on Friday?

Photo courtesy of the Irazu Volcano National Park.

Photo courtesy of the Irazu Volcano National Park.

November 4th, 2013 (InsideCostaRica.com) Images of “snow-covered” ground near the Irazu volcano spread quickly on social networks on Friday.


However, Elado Solano, an official with the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), said the phenomenon, which took place in the area of Santa Rosa de Oreamuno in Cartago, was actually heavy hail in the form of small hailstones.


The Irazu Volcano National Park released on its Facebook page on Friday what appeared to be ground covered with a blanket of snow.


Park official, Daniel Nunez, said the hailstorm occurred about 3:30 pm, describing it as very intense and lasting about 20 minutes.


The phenomenon did, however, drive about 400 visitors to the park.

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    • mhogan

      Global Warming!

      • Ron V.

        is very strange.

    • Hydrangea

      Who says there is no climate change?

    • El Torito

      In Canada, we refer to this kind of snow storm as “ice pellets”. It isn’t exactly hail. This kind of precipitation occurs when the air temperature is just around the freezing point.