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President Chinchilla, ministers begin nine-day European tour today

President Laura Chinchilla (Archive image.)

President Laura Chinchilla (Archive image.)

November 1st, 2013 ( President Laura Chinchilla and three of her ministers begin a nine-day European tour today.  Joining Chinchilla are Communications Minister, Carlos Roverssi, Minister of Foreign Trade, Anabel Gonzalez and Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo.


Chinchilla will meet with French president, François Hollande, in which the two will discuss several bilateral issues as well as the ongoing territorial conflict between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Chinchilla will also give a lecture at the University of Poitiers, France as part of the university’s political science program.


The delegation will then visit the headquarters of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).  Costa Rica has plans to enter the organization in 2015.


On November 8th, Chinchilla will have an audience with Pope Francisco at the Vatican, during which the Pope will advise Chinchilla on the conflict with Nicaragua.

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  • roberto

    Shop till ya drop Sra. Presidenta. Meanwhile we will continue eating cake.

  • disgusted

    First class all expense trip and Christmas shopping on the backs and paid for by the common worker Costarricense. She taking all her posse with her plus others not listed. They all get credit card with unknown limit in their personal spending; The Costarricense however, do not seem to mind paying for this vacation.

  • Ken Morris

    Note that she even includes badmouthing Nicaragua on her European agenda. This is getting old.

  • mhogan

    Does this mean we’ll be safe from government for the time she’s away?

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