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20 years

In Costa Rica, street dogs become official police dogs

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security.

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security.

October 18th, 2013 ( 17 street dogs are the newest members of the Police Canine force, being trained to detect explosives, narcotics and currency by the Ministry of Public Security.


The program began back in July, when dozens of “candidates” were taken off the streets and put through a selection process.  Of these, 17 have passed, becoming the latest members of the police canine forces and have already begun their official training.


“These dogs were adopted by the K-9 units belonging to the specialized units of the Fuerza Publica.  The dogs were brought by citizens and organized groups who selflessly brought them [to the program].  It’s important because it will be a service to society, these dogs will strengthen police work in the country,” an official said.


Experts from Colombia will be in Costa Rica to assist with training the dogs, and their handlers.  Once training is completed, the dogs will be seen working in ports, schools, borders, airports, and more.

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  • Mickey Neill

    I wonder what happened to the street dogs not selected.

    • john anthony

      They get trained by the drug runners. Better food for them.

    • Heather Lane

      They were probably taken back by the organized group that brought them in in the first place, I would imagine.

  • roberto



    Does anyone know when they might begin ‘recruiting’ again? We have a few rescue dogs who would make great candidates.

    • Heather Lane

      Seriously, too many street dogs

  • Heather Lane

    I hope the dogs don’t find any explosives!

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