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Nicaragua accuses Costa Rica of wanting to rebuild an Army

September 26th, 2013 ( The Government of Costa Rica is promoting a “fantasy” of an “expansionist” Nicaragua because Costa Rica wants to “rearm itself” and rebuild a conventional Army, said Jacinto Suarez, president of the Foreign Commission of Nicaragua’s Congress on Tuesday.


Suarez, who is also the Foreign Relations Secretary for the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) said that the government of President Laura Chinchilla aims to revive the old Costa Rica Army, which has been disbanded since 1948.


“Costa Rica wants to create fantasies to justify their intentions to rearm.  What they want is for people to think that ‘poor Costa Rica’ needs to rearm itself to defend itself against the supposed danger of its neighbor Nicaragua,” Suarez said.


Suarez’s comments come in response to recent statements by Costa Rican Foreign Minister, Enrique Castillo, who charged Nicaragua of having an “expansionist policy” by granting oil concessions in the Caribbean Sea, in waters Costa Rica claims as its own.


Castillo said at the time that Costa Rica should “think seriously about strengthening the police in order to be able to defend national sovereignty.”


According to Castillo, the Costa Rican civil police “need to be strengthened, given the means to effectively defend our land, our sovereignty; it will take time, but the sooner we start the better.”

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  • roberto

    Maybe CR should consider giving the million or so Nicaraguans living in CR residency if they would enlist in the new CR military for 2 years. Sort of a ‘pathway to citizenship’ while protecting the borders.

    • roberto

      Since the Revolutionary War, legal permanent residents in the USA are eligible to enlist in the military. Roughly 35,000 non-citizens are serving in
      active duty military and about 8,000 join each year.

      Non-citizen service members offer several benefits to the military. They are more diverse linguistically and culturally than citizen recruits, which is particularly valuable as the U.S faces the challenges
      of the Global War on Terrorism.
      Also, according to a military research, once non-citizens have joined the military, they are far more likely to complete their enlistment obligations successfully than their U.S.-born counterparts.

  • Ken Morris

    Well, what did CR expect? Nicaragua was not about to take its accusations lying down. While the charge that CR wants to rebuild its army is farfetched, Castillo’s comments lend it plausibility. Worse, unless cooler heads prevail, this is where all this is heading. However, something tells me that CR is looking for someone else to do its fighting for it. Allying with Colombia and Panama would seem to be part of this search.

  • NorthendFool

    Two poor impoverished countries pointing the finger at each other. Nothing will happen.

  • Oliver Wendell Holmes

    It’s odd how Commandante Daniel, who’s country owns the 2nd poorest economy in the Americas, and is looking to the tourism sector to bootstrap into more prosperity, is willing to scuttle all that by this aggressively provocative path he’s on.
    Someone maybe should remind him, that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

  • PublicEnemy2u

    Maybe the Chinese will provide the tanks, they’ve already provided the stadium for the gathering of the detainees

  • Gary Hogan

    I like the fact that Costa Rica does not have a standing army. Perhaps a country with an army (Panama, Columbia, US, China) can guarantee the borders against aggressive Nicaragua (they seem to want the oceans, rivers, and provinces of Costa Rica). Is there anything Ortega doesn’t want? …maybe CR’s debt?

  • crbob

    Look back at history and you will find that this is just such a situation that the U.S. wants to foster so that they can intervene and take out Ortega in Nicaragua…..

  • Fhuh Kew

    Well. CR DOES have a VP that is genetically predisposed to real estate thievery and chickenhawk abuse of the less fortunate.

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