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Hard Rock Cafe eyeing Playas del Coco, Tamarindo location

By Henry Morales Navarro / Voz de Guanacaste 

According to Gustavo Araya, a partner of the Hard Rock Cafe franchise in Costa Rica, the possibility of opening one of the firm’s restaurants in Guanacaste in 2014 is being studied.

Araya said the establishment would open in Playas del Coco, or failing that, in Tamarindo, but that at this time the project is in a study phase.

If completed, all relevant legal and environmental processes would then be pursued in the coming months: “The idea is to take advantage of the beach atmosphere in Guanacaste and our goal is to open an establishment next year. It is possible that it will be in Tamarindo or in Playas del Coco, though that is still not decided.”

The most important feature of a Hard Rock Cafe restaurant is the family atmosphere, including music of all genres. Concerts with well-known artists are commonly held: “The expectation is to create not only an entertainment center, but that also there is healthy family fun. We will have many activities for the delight of the whole family,” indicated Gustavo Araya.

According to Araya, the company’s vision is to open at least two restaurants of this kind, the first of which would be started in the coming weeks at the Wyndham Hotel San José Herradura, located in San Antonio de Belén in the province of Heredia.

In addition to Guanacaste, the possibility exists of the franchise opening a restaurant in the central valley’s greater metropolitan area, either at the Mall in Escazú, Pavas, or La Sabana near the National Stadium. According to Araya, the final choice will be made within eight months.

It should be noted that the Hard Rock Cafe chain has a policy of opening at most two restaurants per country, and currently there are 175 establishments worldwide.

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  • rusty jones

    Coco is for older people

  • Jerry

    Coco is a trash bin. No company would open here.

    • Mickey Neill

      If it’s a trash bin it’s because a homophob named Roger Porter lives there

  • milojacks

    I can understand Tamarindo, but Playas del Coco? The beach in Coco is ugly, the water is dirty, and the town is filled with some of the the worst people in Costa Rica.

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