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Hand grenade thrown into fish market in Limon

September 23rd, 2013 ( Terrified customers and staff ran for their lives in a fish market in the Cieneguita area of Limon on Saturday after a hand grenade was lobbed into the establishment by an unknown assailant.


The incident took place at Cooperativa Dethan.  After several minutes of terror and screams, it became evident that the device had failed to explode and authorities were notified.


Police officers of the Fuerza Publica were the first on the scene, cordoning off the area while awaiting the arrival of bomb technicians from the Special Intervention Unit of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ).


It was determined that the device was in fact an M77 fragmentation grenade, and authorities evacuated the area for the public’s safety.


Bomb technicians were able to determine that a tragedy was nearly avoided.  Apparently, springs were broken when the pin of the grenade was removed, causing the device to fail.


The OIJ is conducting an investigation to determine those responsible.


This is the second time this year that authorities in Limon have had to deal with a grenade attack.


In April, officers of the Tactical Response Special Services (SERT), who were carrying out an operation Barrio Quinto in Limon, came under attack when they attempted to arrest several people in the area.


One of the suspects threw a grenade at the officers that failed to detonate.  Bomb technicians with the Special Intervention Unit were able to deactivate the device minutes later.


In addition, one month later in the upscale San José suburb of Escazu, a worker performing a soil study found a fragmentation grenade.


Upon making the discovery, the worker carefully took the grenade to the Mata Redonda police station, which later turned the grenade over to national security authorities for destruction. The grenade was identified as a “Type 771” fragmentation grenade.

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